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UNICEF Supply Division - 2005 Annual Report [PDF 531 KB]

Summary [PDF 40 KB]

Supplies for children

I - Emergencies [PDF 113 KB]

II - Immunization "Plus" [PDF 75 KB]


IV - Early Childhood [PDF 64 KB]
(this section includes: Water, environment and sanitation, nutrition, ORS-oral rehydration salts, anti-malaria supplies and basic pharmaceutical products)

V - Education [PDF 67 KB]

Performance and progress

Performance and Progress [PDF 91 KB] (this section includes: procuring faster and better, warehouses, quality control and field support programme)

Panel - UN Reforms and partnerships

UN Reforms and partnerships [PDF 81 KB]
(this section includes: Procuring on behalf of partners, GAVI, Working with partners on procurement norms and strategies, Disseminating information, Working with suppliers


Annex 1 - UNICEF supplier countries and territories (offshore, regional and local procurement) [PDF 35 KB]

Annex 2 - Offshore procurement through Copenhagen/New York [PDF 55 KB]

Annex 3 - Regional and local procurement by UNICEF Field offices [PDF 73 KB]

Annex 4 - Where supplies are used [PDF 35 KB]

Annex 5 - Invitations to bid and responses received (offshore procurement) [PDF 29 KB]