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2005 was an extraordinary year with its series of natural disasters, food crises, and conflicts which tore at the fabric of life for tens of millions of people.

The procurement from Supply Division to tsunami affected countries (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Maldives, India, Myanmar and Somalia) is estimated at over $20 million in 2005. Between
January and March 2005, UNICEF provided family water kits for 14,500 families in the Maldives, emergency health kits for 100,000 people in Indonesia and 71,000 mosquito nets for Sri Lanka.

In 2005, Supply Division sent over $18 million worth of supplies to Darfur. The warehouse in Copenhagen packed a total of 42,559 kits and sets for Sudan and sent out half a million blankets and 157,000 mosquito nets.

In August, UNICEF began stockpiling supplies in chronically malnourished and under-funded Niger, in an effort to reach 800,000 children affected by a food crisis. The supply effort focused on therapeutic food (UNIMIX, therapeutic milk and PlumpyNut®), antimalarials and other essential medicines, mosquito

In the first days after hurricane Stan hit Central America, UNICEF, with the help of Supply Division, was able to distribute more than 50,000 oral re-hydration salts sachets, some 2,000
family hygiene kits and 2,000 kits with educational and recreational supplies in El Salvador. Another priority for UNICEF in the affected countries was to distribute water-related supplies such as purification tablets to quickly reestablish access to drinking water.

Within three months after the earthquake in South Asia, Supply Division shipped nearly $8 million worth of emergency supplies to Pakistan and about $500,000 to India in 17 charters and
in commercial flights. Simultaneously, Country Offices used local and regional procurement quite extensively. The UNICEF Country Offices in Pakistan and India were first able to use their local stocks, allowing them to immediately bring emergency supplies to affected children and their families.

©UNICEF/HQ05-0041/Jeremy Horner

MALDIVES: Workers offload UNICEF supplies for victims of the tsunami disaster from an ECHO-funded flight that has just arrived. Supply Division procured over $20 million worth of supplies to tsunami-affected countries in 2005.

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