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Total procurement for education: $87 million

UNICEF’s long-term goal is for all children to have access to and complete an education of good quality.

Education is critical during times of emergency. In 2005, Supply Division sent out education supplies for around nine million children. The school-in-a-box and the recreation kit have become part of the UNICEF standard response in emergencies.

Supply Division procured and packed student and teacher kits for nearly three million children
and for over 45,000 teachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In Iraq, Supply Division procured $17 million worth of educational supplies for children last year. This represented 1.5 million school bags and 4.5 million School-in-a-box (Education kits) for the same number of children.

Proper supply planning, procurement and distribution of learning and educational materials are key factors in achieving national education goals. This is the focus of the Essential Learning Package, a UNICEF initiative in the West and Central Africa Region. It includes the development of a forecast methodology to target services and supplies that will make the biggest impact on primary school enrollment and retention of children.

©UNICEF/Iraq 2003/Ban Dhayi

IRAQ: School children at Al-Farazdaq Primary school in Zayoona district of Baghdad carrying school bags they have received as part of UNICEF’s Back-to-School initiative in the country.

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School-in-a-box (Education kit)

Recreation kit