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Early childhood

Procurement value (malaria-related supplies + medical equipment + nutrition + basic pharmaceutical products + water and sanitation): $223.5

UNICEF strives to ensure that children get the best start in life through appropriate child and maternal health, nutrition, water and sanitation, hygiene and recreation opportunities.

Supply Division has been actively engaged in the global Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership since its launch in 1998 and the supply of mosquito nets and insecticides to sub-Saharan
countries has been one of the Division’s priorities in recent years. 17 million nets were procured in 2005 for a value of $73 million. The procurement of long-lasting insecticidal nets now constitutes over 70 per cent of UNICEF’s bednet procurement.

In 2005, Supply Division procured $10.5 million worth of antimalarials, including $8.5 million worth of ACTs. This represented over nine million ACT treatments, procured primarily for countries in Africa.

In 2005 UNICEF procured $34 million worth nutritional supplies, from therapeutic food for malnourished children to scales and cooking kits. The procurement of micronutrient products significantly increased to reach $23 million.

In 2005, UNICEF procured $28 million worth of basic pharmaceutical products. The products in highest demand, based on value, have been vitamin A, antihelminths such as albendazole and mebendazole, iron and folic acid tablets, and injectable and oral anti-infectives.

The global procurement of water and sanitation items increased significantly in 2005 reaching $78 million. This trend can be explained by an increase in emergency procurement.

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ETHIOPIA: A girl rests under an insecticide-treated mosquito net. UNICEF is the largest buyer of mosquito nets in the world.

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