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Projects in 2004

Some of the most notable Procurement Services projects of the year included:

Ministry of Health, Malawi – Procurement of HIV/ AIDS-related products: During 2004, UNICEF delivered supplies for the HIV/AIDS programme in Malawi worth $4 million, following a very tight delivery schedule. UNICEF will procure items for an estimated $14 million in 2005. Thanks to this project, the first large-scale HIV/AIDS project for Procurement Services, UNICEF has been instrumental in raising the number of people receiving ARV treatment in Malawi to 10,000 at the end of 2004. The target for 2005 is 80,000.

HAPP Project, Bangladesh – Assisting the Government of Bangladesh in HIV/AIDS prevention measures: The unique element of this ongoing $12 million project funded by the World Bank and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, is that UNICEF is procuring $5 million worth of services from NGOs to work with vulnerable groups on HIV/AIDS prevention. UNICEF also assists the NGOs with their own procurement activities, in terms of screening grant requests, concluding grant agreements, disbursing funds, overseeing contracts, monitoring and reporting.

Government of Madagascar – Providing a range of health and education commodities, in cooperation with Government partners: Primarily funded by the World Bank, with additional inputs from the Ministries of Health and Education, the most notable success was the delivery of one million school bags, part of school kits delivered to the whole island.

JICA-sponsored malaria bednet campaign in 13 African countries: Supply Division procured more than 350,000 bednets for $2.2 million, for Cameroon,
Mozambique, Eritrea, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Uganda, Namibia, Niger, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Benin and Djibouti.

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria/World Bank-assisted activities for the Ministry of Health, Guinea Conakry: UNICEF expedited $1.3 million worth of orders for bednets, vaccines, ARVs, medical health kits and vehicles, including in-country transportation from the port of entry to the Central Medical Stores and Main Referral Hospital in Conakry.

OPV for India, funded by the World Bank and KfW: UNICEF purchase orders totalled $100 million in 2004, the equivalent of over one billion doses of oral
polio vaccine.

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