17 November 2022

Playing, drawing and imagining a better world for children

Ahead of World Children’s Day 2022, children and young people from UNICEF-supported schools engaged in a football match with the national women’s team. This year, World Children’s Day, officially celebrated on November 20, coincides with the start of the World Cup, creating a unique opportunity to use the power of football to unite and remind us…, Practice makes perfect, Prior to the match, the children and women engaged in practice sessions. UNICEF captured the highlights.  World Children's Day' child participation, girls, UNICEF, boys, education, play UN0737061 UNICEF Sudan/2022/Huweil World Children's Day' child participation, girls, UNICEF, boys, education, play UN0737054 UNICEF Sudan/2022/Huweil World…, Online higlights, #WorldChildrensDay football match was joined by heads of cooperation, private sector partners and UNICEF staff with their children. @UNICEFSudan thanks partners for joining us for this meaningful event and be champions for child rights! pic.twitter.com/tF8Fpjge2O — UNICEF Sudan (@UNICEFSudan) November 14, 2022   On #WorldChildrensDay , girls…, There can only be one team for child rights in Sudan, Drawing the dream school, On World Children’s Day, children took over the office of UNICEF Sudan in an art session with Ambassadors of Spain, China, European Union, Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden alongside the UNICEF Representative. Each Ambassador was paired with a young person to paint their 'dream school' and express their wishes towards education for every child…, I have the right to ......, Children are speaking up. Children are demanding their rights. Children are acting now for a better tomorrow. Support child rights.   Blocks UNICEF Sudan, Highlights - World Children's Day 2022 events, UNICEF Sudan/2022 UNICEF Sudan/2022 Display caption Show Original Caption Display caption Show Original Caption