Voices from Tigray Refugee Camp in Sudan

Voices of Tigray Children and Youth in Tunyadbah Camp, in Gedarif

Yosef Elgadal
21 September 2021

In November 2020, conflict broke out in the Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia forcing thousands of refugees from their homes into neighbouring countries including Sudan. 

UNICEF and other humanitarian partners remain on the ground to support the government’s emergency response, addressing their immediate but urgent needs. 

For UNICEF, supporting continuity of essential services during emergency situations includes provision of primary health care services including immunization among other critical services like psychosocial support, nutrition, maternal health, water, sanitation, and hygiene, and much more. 

Children in Tunyadbah camp in Gedaref, East Sudan -- remain hopeful and resilient despite their situation, hear from them through their own voices below. 

Aden and Maron
Yosef Elgadal
Maron, 12 years old (right) and Aden 12 years old (left) pose for a picture in Tunaydbah camp.

I love Tigrinya because the traditional poems make me and my siblings happy. Becoming a poet is my dream because it makes me happy and safe. Words always make a difference

Maron is in grade 5 and attends a school supported by the in the camp. She loves to learn Tigrinya l

Tigrinya is my favorite subject because it’s my mother tongue and I’m proud of my heritage. I dream of becoming a doctor because I want to treat those in need. I see a family member get sick and I want to help

Aden is Grade 4 and comes from a family of 6 living in Tunaydbah camp.
Milian and Aden
Yosef Elgadal
Aden 14 years old (left) and Milian 13 years old (right) pose for a picture in Tunyadbah Camp.

I am in grade 8, Music and English are my favorite subjects in the NRC school. English is an international language and I am motivated to make it stronger. Music reminds me of my childhood, our family sings traditional songs all the time. I dream of becoming a musician when I grow up, because I want everyone to hear and sing traditional Tigrinya songs.

Aden 14 years old and comes from a family of five living in the camp

My favorite subject is English. The reason it is my favorite is because I can make friends from around the world! My dream is becoming a doctor, I want to support and give service to my people

Milian and her family of 5 live in the camp Tunaydbah

The subject I enjoy the most is Biology, studying about living organisms is very interesting. I want to become a teacher. Why? Because it’s the mother all of professions and I want to be able to educate my family and community without having to worry about money

15-years-old Herman is a grade 8 student
Yosef Elgadal


UNICEF Sudan with UNHCR Sudan is co-coordinating the Refugee Education Working Group to ensure all school-aged children displaced from the Tigray region of Ethiopia can fulfill their right to education. 

To date, 4,950 Tigrayan children in #Sudan have been reached with safe and supportive learning spaces provided by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) and Save The Children International (SCI). Education Cannot Wait.