A mother in Sennar State ensures that her family and community are protected

Fighting cholera one family at a time

Kebir Hassen
Sudanese women with floral thobe looks into camera
UNICEF/Kebir Hassen

18 November 2019

At Abu Banat primary school in El Suki locality of Sennar State a team of UNICEF vaccinators were received by a large crowd eager to get the oral cholera vaccine. Khalda Mohamed Karim, 32 years old, was there with her two young girls. After receiving their vaccinations Karim asked Rayan Adem, the vaccination team lead,  if she could be given an additional vaccine in order to vaccinate her 60 year old mother. Karim's mother wasn’t able come to the vaccination site due to an operation she has undergone two days prior. 

“I can’t let my mother miss this opportunity and there is no way that she comes here for her dose. I don’t want to worry about any of my family members contracting cholera,” said Karim. The UNICEF team was thrilled to see someone actively come forward to ask for a dose and help the vaccinators reach everyone in the community.

Child is administered oral cholera vaccine
UNICEF/Kebir Hassen
Khalda Mohamed Karim, brought herself and her children are administered the oral cholera vaccine in El Suki, Sennar State by Khalid Musa of UNICEF.

I don’t want to worry about any of my family members contracting cholera.

Khalda Mohamed Karim

Adem mobilized her vaccination team to vaccinate Mrs. Karim's mother at home and the family was extremely appreciative. Karim further helped the team by identifying other people her neighborhood who had not received the vaccine.

UNICEF in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health has conducted an intensive public awareness campaign about cholera and the Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) campaign launched in October. It has been extremely effective in raising awareness among the target communities and beyond.

UNICEF vaccination team
UNICEF/Kebir Hassen
The UNICEF Oral Cholera Vaccination team has reached over 95% of their target.

Mrs. Karim is just one among many who were proactive in not only getting themselves vaccinated but also in ensuring that their families and neighbors were vaccinated as well. The campaign and the efforts of individuals like Mrs. Karim has contributed to the exceptionally high coverage of the OCV campaign. To date, UNICEF and its partners have successfully vaccinated over 95% of their target.