Living in an IDP Camp will not stop Sana from following her dreams

Sana Ibrahim, from El-Fashir shares with us her daily routine at Abu Shouk for IDPs in North Darfur

Two girls playing with baby
© UNICEF/UNI235436/Noorani
22 December 2019

Sana Ibrahim Abdel Rehman studies in grade 3 and lives with her family in a small house in Abu Shouk camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in El Fasher, North Darfur state.

Her parents are farmers, and work in Shagra Valley, about 10 kms away from El Fasher. They both come home once every one or two weeks for a few days, then have to go back to their farms.

Sana has three sisters and four brothers, and walks to school every day.

“I wake up, clean up, have some tea with peanuts and go to school. I love my school, I love to learn. I also have good friends so whenever we can manage time, we play, said Sana. After school is finished, I come home and first finish my homework, and then I help out with household work. I only go to collect water once in a while when no adults are around.”


Girl fetching water
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Sana loves participating in social activities and often helps her family when she’s back from school.

Carrying a jerrycan in her hands, Sana, walks to a UNICEF-supported water collection point to collect water, where she also gathers with her friends and neighbors.


Sana taking jerry cans from water pointh
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Sana loads the water-filled jerrycans on a wheelbarrow before getting ready to carry the water to her house.

Young girl taking jerrycans filled with water home

Sana carefully navigates her way through the neighbourhood while pushing the wheelbarrow loaded with water-filled jerrycans, to get home.

sana emptying water jerry cans
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Once she arrives home, Sana immediately helps her 24-year old sister Amina, to empty the water jerrycan she filled from the UNICEF-supported water collection point, into a large pot at their home.

sana with her sisters son
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After the water is stored, Sana spends time with Amina’s baby boy, who she loves to play with and hold during her free time.

Sana lighting fire for food

When it’s time for dinner, Sana then lights a fire in her home to cook her family a meal. They eat traditional Sudanese food like Kisra and Asida with Mulah [Sauce]. Sanaa always contributes to home duties while her parents are away in the farm.

Sana writing on chalk board
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Sana has hope for the future and says she particularly likes studying mathematics. So, she can often be found practicing her school work on a wall in her house.

 “Because I like to study, I use our wall as a blackboard to practice my lessons,” She said.

Sana standing against chalkboard
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While standing next to her blackboard at home, Sana’s bright smile never fades as she is filled with hope.

All children have the right to reach their full potential, all they need is an opportunity and a fair chance to live, learn and strive.