Let me fly, let me speak, let me be who I want to be

Parents should encourage children to have choices.

Nora Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Taha
Illustration of girl in graduation cap
UNICEF/Chris Mugarura
30 July 2020

"I’m a tiny body with a big creative heart and soul. I have the right to speak and claim my interest, goal and path. 'Mum, dad!, I’m here, listen to me. hear me out. I’m not you, don’t force me to become something I’m not, I know you carried me 9 months, you molded my future, but I’m me. I’m not you. I promise I’ll make you proud with what I love. Just let me choose'."

Parents should encourage children to have choices. We should not force them into something they do not want because of social pressures. Stop burying their talents and creativity and give them the green light to progress in what they want. Be a friend rather than a parent they are scared of. I know you may want to achieve your dreams and goals through your child, but parenting is about knowing your child’s needs and letting them focus on what they can offer to the world rather than pressuring them into being a label in the world.

Nowadays children are often forced to enter colleges and universities with subjects they do not want just because society has labeled careers more prestigious than others. The percentage of children dropping out or shifting careers is increasing because of lack of interest.

Burst the bubble you put them in and let them speak. Let them discover who they are and stop the discrimination on careers according to gender and society.