The State of the World's Children 2019

The changing face of malnutrition

Baby is fed
UNICEF/Idreesy K

One in three children globally is not growing well because of malnutrition

The State of the World's Children Report, 2019

In Sudan, approximately 2.5 million children under five suffer from malnutrition annually, out of whom 700,000 suffer from severe acute malnutrition. 

Children who are well nourished have a better chance of being healthy, able to develop, learn and be productive. 

Malnutrition is preventable. UNICEF continues to increase action, investment and focus in nutrition to advance children’s well being. 

Fighting malnutrition in Sudan

Good food and nutrition are not only the foundation of children’s health and the development of society at large, they are also a child’s basic human right. 

We as communities, parents, governments, food corporations, marketers and global citizens have a collective responsibility to put children’s needs at the heart of our food systems. 

UNICEF Sudan, along with the government of Sudan and partners,  is taking a multi-pronged approach to tackle malnutrition in the country. UNICEF supports the early case finding, referral and treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition through out-patient treatment programs.

UNICEF has stepped in as the provider of last resort by taking over the financial and technical support for 11 facilities for inpatient treatment of severely malnourished children in some of the most hard to reach areas in Sudan.  UNICEF has procured and distributed Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), therapeutic milks and nutritional supplies for the treatment of severely malnourished children in the country and is trying to build a buffer of the lifesaving nutrition commodities used for the treatment, to ensure sufficient stock to respond to new emergencies particularly in hard to reach areas and areas temporarily cut off during the rainy season. 

UNICEF is also improving the feeding, caring and hygiene practices of infants and young children through the establishment and support for mother to mother support groups at community level in which women are counselled and share their experiences and best practices and encouraging women to utilize appropriate health services for their children and themselves. 

Globally, at least half of all children under five suffer from hidden hunger: a lack of essential nutrients that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

The State of the World's Children Report, 2019

Nutritious diets give children a stronger chance of staying healthy, learning well at school and thriving for years to come. We must ensure that every child has access to a nutritious, affordable and sustainable diet so that they can reach their full potential. 

The State of the World's Children Report, 2019