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Basic education

Sudan Education Sector Quarterly Bulletin - Issue 1
Education sector is an approach used to strengthen and improve the overall coordination of Education in Sudan

Girl’s education club / Child club formation guidelines
2010 - This document is an outcome of a training workshop on how to establish child clubs in Child Friendly Schools organized by Federal Girls’ Education Department and UNICEF. It was attended by 40 participants from all 15 Northern States.

Child Friendly Schools, Sudan. A Resource Book for Policy Makers and Practitioners
2009 - This resource book is an outcome of a consultative process between the Federal Ministry of General Education, State Ministries of Education, UNICEF Sudan and MENA Regional Office on how to create Sudanese Child Friendly Schools.

Socio-economic and cultural barriers to schooling in Southern Sudan, 2008
2009 - Report of the study on socio-economic and cultural barriers to schooling in Southern Sudan, jointly commissioned by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology of the Government of Southern Sudan and UNICEF in July 2008.

Fact sheet: Women and children in Sudan 2009 - education
2009 - This short fact sheet provides a summary of key indicators in the education sector for all Sudan, along with some of the key challenges facing education, UNICEF's programmatic approach and highlights of key achievements in the last year.

Baseline Survey on Basic Education in The Nnorthen States of Sudan
2008 - Survey to determine the educational situation against key EFA and MDG indicators and targets as well as against known policy standards jontly commissioned by the Ministry of International Cooperation, EC, UNICEF and WFP

Rapid Assessment of Learning Spaces, Southern Sudan
2006 - This report provides a comprehensive overview of 'learning spaces' in Southern Sudan and maps their locations across ten states. It also provides brief analysis of challenges and constraints on primary education in Southern Sudan.



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