Publications, reports and studies


Publications, reports and studies

Welcome to the resource hub. UNICEF Sudan produces a range of reports and studies on various issues related to women and children in Sudan. Many of these are produced in partnership with others, including government and non-government bodies. Electronic versions of  publications, reports and studies can be accessed here.

The reports and studies, and the data they contain, are free for dissemination but credit for the source and date of any material reproduced must be given to UNICEF Sudan and partner authors as shown in the original documents. Reprinting of full reports or studies requires prior permission from UNICEF.

Should you require additional help or a hardcopy of one of these resources contact us at:


PO Box 1358, Gereif West, Manshiya, Block # 3, Hara 1/D, Omak Street – East, Khartoum, Sudan
Tel: +249 (0)156 553 670

All global publications can be found at:




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