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UNICEF calls for an end to conflict and investment in basic social services for children in Sudan
UNICEF again strongly urges all parties to the conflict in Sudan to stop the fighting, and guarantee at all times, the safety of all children.

ECHO extends its humanitarian support to address emergency levels of malnutrition in Sudan
Khartoum, 12th January 2014 – Today, there are over 2 million children suffering from acute malnutrition in Sudan of which 550,000 are severely acutely malnourished. This represents about one in every twelve children under the age of five.

Sudan Children Join the World in Celebrating Global Handwashing Day
In Sudan, according to Health Statistical Report (2013), preventable diseases such as acute watery diarrhea (12%), and pneumonia (18%) are the leading causes of deaths in hospitals for children under five.

European Union calls for the the implementation of Doha and Asmara Agreements
The EU-funded six million euro Primary Education Program (PEP) in Darfur will be implemented by UNICEF in all states of Darfur (North, South, West, and East and Central Darfur).

Stepping up the fight against child malnutrition in Sudan - UNICEF receives new grant from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection department (ECHO)
Every year in Sudan, about half a million children in Sudan suffer from severe, acute malnutrition; that is about one in every 12 children under the age of five.

Population displacement in Sudan – a Children’s crisis
UNICEF is witnessing, on a daily basis, children in acute need of humanitarian assistance in constantly shifting locations.

UNICEF and Government of Sudan declares the right of every Sudanese child to life, education and development a top priority
Khartoum, 1 May 2014 UNICEF Executive Board delegation visits Sudan 27 April to 2 May 2014

UNICEF supports emergency response for children in Sudan with 89 tons of life-saving supplies
18 April 2014 UNICEF responds to children in need of assistance wherever they may be. This is a humanitarian imperative and a core part of our mandate, and we will continue to do it as long as needed.

In Sudan, population displacement is becoming a children’s crisis
Khartoum, 1 April 2014 As populations get displaced across the Darfur region and elsewhere, one salient feature of the crisis stands out: 70 per cent or more of the people displaced are children

In Sudan, at least 26,000 primary school children risk repeating an entire school year
Khartoum 20 March 2014 Education sector partners in Sudan estimate that there are now over 26,000 newly displaced school-aged children in Darfur. Many of these will not have a chance to go to school in the near future, and much less sit the Grade 8 exam

Ten years after onset of Darfur crisis, peace and progress a disappearing dream for children in Sudan?
Khartoum, 12 March 2014 - As multiple new conflicts keep unfolding in Sudan and children continue to represent the majority of the affected people, UNICEF appeals to all fighting forces in Sudan to put an end to conflicts altogether.

Launch of Darfur Basic Services projects
3 February 2014 - Investing in Darfur is critical. It is critical for the children of Darfur, for Darfur itself, and for Sudan as a whole.

Strengthening Darfur Basic Health and Education Services is essential for peace
3 February 2014 - To strengthen peace and development in Sudan the EU and UNICEF proudly commence today two projects to enhance the Darfur basic services in the two areas of health and education.

Sudan launches new data on child malnutrition; UNICEF calls for all-out effort to support the fight against malnutrition in Sudan
Khartoum, 29 January 2014 - The Sudan S3M survey results portray a mix of very different realities across the country with high levels of stunting (chronic malnutrition) and low levels of coverage for safe water and sanitation.



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