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Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Milestones in Advancing the Rights of Children with Disabilities in Sudan
4 December 2012 - UNICEF Sudan, along with national and international partners are working together to advance the rights of children with disabilities in Sudan.

Working to support families’ needs
December 2012 - Nine-year-old Hiba, a sweet, playful girl with cerebral palsy, participated in one of UNICEF’s focus groups for children with disabilities that took place in Abu Hijar, a rural area of Sinnar state.

Revolutionary Jerry Can road tested in Sudan
October 2012 - Collecting water is a backbreaking job that takes up many hours of the day. In Sudan the task usually falls to girls and women who skip school and risk their own safety to make long journeys to fetch water.

Giving life a leading cause of death for women in Sudan
23 September 2012 - Like many women in Sudan, Fawzia Ibrahim Ishag relied on traditional birth attendants to help deliver her babies at home. There were complications during 5 deliveries for which the attendants had neither the training nor the equipment.

Disability no longer an obstacle to education in Krinding
September 2012 - Accessing education is a challenge for many children living in Darfur, but especially for youngsters living with disabilities.

A dream that refuses to die – Yaqeen’s pursuit of an education
August 2012 - When you ask Yaqeen (13) about her dreams she will consistently mention learning how to read and write. When she was a young child, Yaqeen would walk her sister to school every day and try to enter the classes with her, but she was sent home

Improving learning environments for children in Sudan
July 2012 - Isra is a 6th grade student in Ali-Al Amin school in Kassala, East Sudan. Her favourite subject is English, because she believes it will help her to continue her studies to become a doctor one day.

Nutrition center triumphs over traditional healers in West Darfur
July 2012. Mornei Village was once an ideal place to live. Set at the foot of a mountain, in the savannah of western Darfur and surrounded by miles of sparsely wooded flatlands, Mornei comfortably sustained its population.

Separated children find home and happiness in South Sudan
4 June 2012 - Stella Khamis Philip (16) and her four younger siblings live with their aunt and uncle on the outskirts of Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Her uncle, Joseph Tombura, runs a stall in the market nearby and every day she attends school.

Dreams of a former child soldier turned artist
May 28 2012: Issam has witnessed some terrible things, but in his art he paints the world as it appears in his dreams.

How the nomads of eastern Sudan came to recognise the importance of sending girls to school
May 17 2012: The value of girls in Sudan’s nomadic communities has traditionally been measured in their prospects for marrying well and the wealth that brings their families.

How clean water brought change to one Sudanese village
8 May 2012 - Before the war, in the village of Abu Dahya, collecting water would take up a large part of the day.

Against the odds, schoolgirls in conflict area of Darfur sit their exams
22 April 2012 - Fatima Adam Ali lives in an IDP Camp in Nertiti, a town in the rebel-controlled area of Jebel Marra in Darfur. Jebel Marra has been inaccessible to the humanitarian community since fighting in Darfur erupted in 2004.

Combating child malnutrition in Sudan
25 February 2012 - Getting a medical check-up is never the most pleasant experience, and one year old Yasmine is plainly not enjoying hers. She wails miserably as she is hoisted into a blue canvas harness and then suspended in mid-air for a few seconds.

Promoting girls’ education in Sudan
26 February 2012 - No-one quite knows how Qud al Haboob elementary school got its name. But its location, on the dusty outskirts of Darfur’s largest town, Nyala, makes the reference to the blinding haboob dust-storms that sweep periodically across.

Local champion helps UNICEF halt spread of HIV in conflict-torn S. Kordofan
February 2012 – Soft-spoken and understated, Zeinab Eltom is not the sort of person you would immediately connect with the daunting task of bringing vital life skills to thousands of children in a State stricken with armed conflict.

Long wait for journey home for southerners in Sudan
26 January 2012 - A raggedy doll is all that 18-year-old Sabina Saisa has left to remind her of her best friend, Jacqueline.

An unusual partnership helps tackle child malnutrition in Darfur
January 2012 - Abu Badriya is a soft-spoken man with a face that lights up when he smiles. A traditional healer or Faki by profession, he has become an unusual but important partner in the fight against child malnutrition in this part of Darfur.



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