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UNICEF, CIDA helping young people make their voices heard
12 December 2011 – Ways of enabling young Sudanese to become more actively involved in resolving community and other issues set the agenda of a two-day workshop last week in Khartoum.

Protecting every child against the menace of polio in Sudan
6 December 2011 – Dressed in sunshine yellow apron and sky-blue hijab or headscarf, Rahma Sid Ahmed pores over a roughly drawn pencil map which she uses to locate children she can vaccinate against the crippling polio virus.

Rotavirus vaccine: One mother’s story
December 2011 - Samira, a mother of three, says: “When my first child, Ibrahim, was one year old, he fell ill with diarrhea and vomiting. I was so worried I immediately took him to a nearby clinic where they gave me some medicine".

Profile: Dr. Yousif Al Kouda, Islamic scholar in the frontline of Sudan’s efforts to abandon FGM/C
3 November 2011 - To explain how he became one of Sudan’s leading campaigners against the practice of female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C), Dr. Yousif Al Kouda looks back to his beginnings, growing up in the eastern state of Kassala.

Mothers help make rotavirus vaccine a success in Sudan
October 2011 - It’s a hot and dusty morning as the women, wearing colourful traditional toubs (wraps), begin arriving at the clinic, their babies in their arms.

Soap can defeat the biggest enemy of Sudanese children, UNICEF chief tells handwashing event
15 October 2011 – “The biggest enemy of Sudan does not carry guns but lives on the hands of Sudanese children!” said Nils Kastberg, UNICEF Sudan Country Representative, addressing hundreds of enthralled children and others attending an event in Khartoum.

In Sudan, a photo contest offers children an opportunity to document daily life
12 October, 2011 - A line of children walk to school; a group of men take shelter under a truck in order to escape the hot African sun; a child reads the Koran on a brightly-coloured prayer mat; a man leads a camel through the dust.

Sudanese police promise softer approach to Khartoum street children
6 October 2011 - A more sensitive approach to dealing with the plight of Khartoum’s street children is to be adopted by the city’s police authorities as the result of a UNICEF-supported training course now being implemented in the Sudanese capital.

A Pinch of Salt: tackling Iodine Deficiency Disorders among children in Sudan
31 August 2011 - This month saw a significant new step towards the goal of universal salt iodization (USI) in Sudan when the eastern state of Gadaref passed a new law prohibiting the sale of all non-iodized salt.

South Sudanese Children Call for Action on the Day of the African Child
16 June 2011 – Saad Rice, 12, takes to the podium with the confidence of a natural-born speaker. Dressed in a stylish white cap and dark sunglasses, he looks just as smart as the distinguished delegates who are gathered with him.

Weeks before South Sudan marks its independence, UNICEF is helping meet the longterm needs of children in troubled border areas
19 May 2011 - The bullet hole sits high on the whitewashed wall of what is in other respects a perfectly normal conference room, of the kind you might find in a UNICEF office anywhere in the world.

Exam results show impact of education programme for Sudanese nomad children
May 2011 - 15 year old Zahra Mohamed Ahmed has every reason to feel pleased with herself. She’s just received her results from the grade 8 exams she took in March 2011 showing that she got 239 marks out of 280.

Breaking the cycle of disease: How UNICEF’s water and sanitation programme is helping save children’s lives in conflict-affected Darfur
10 May 2011 – Amira says she is 15 but looks much older. In the last five months, her family has had to move three times because of the ongoing instability in North Darfur. Her mistrustful eyes hint at the hardships she has faced in her short life.

Drive to eradicate Polio gives hope to returnees in Southern Sudan.
22 February 2011- Norah Abdelnabi, a 24 year old mother couldn’t hide her joy when her two year old son, Steven Kulang received the ‘two drops’ of the Polio Vaccine for the first time.

Women vote for peace in southern Sudan’s referendum to give their children a bright future
10 January 2011 - Southern Sudanese are voting in a referendum to choose whether to remain united with the north or to separate and form their own country.



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