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Young people join the fight against HIV/AIDS in Southern Sudan
1 December 2009 - “HIV/Aids is a killer disease without a cure and it can infect anybody,” said 20-year-old Asenta Isaac today during the commemoration of World AIDS Day in Yambio, Western Equatoria State.

Motorbike ambulances help cut maternal mortality in Southern Sudan
July 2009 – Navigating a rough track of road east of the Juba in Southern Sudan, a motorbike ambulance driver tests a new vehicle with a ‘patient’ laid out on the sidecar stretcher.

Mary’s story: overcoming barriers to girls’ education in Southern Sudan
July 2009 - “My mother has always encouraged me to come to school and study hard,” says 17-year-old Mary, a Grade 8 student at the Deng Nhial Primary School in Rumbek, Lakes State.

Maintaining a nutrition lifeline in West Darfur
June 2009. In the aftermath of the decision by the Government of Sudan to expel 16 international non-governmental organizations and suspend the activities of three national aid agencies in March this year.

Supporting self-management in the camps for internally displaced in West Darfur
June 2009 - In Arabic, “taiba” means “kind”; perhaps, then, an unusual choice of name for this camp accommodating 7,000 people forced to flee their homes due to ongoing conflict in West Darfur.

Donkeys, soap and life-saving messages in a West Darfur camp for the displaced
June 2009. Amongst the group of people gathered in the shade of the tree, there seems to be a lot of talk about a donkey. There are plenty of donkeys close by.

An oasis for malnourished children in the Darfur desert
June 2009. The road – or path to be more precise – is bumpy and irregular and now and then the driver has to accelerate rapidly to avoid getting car embedded in the yellow sand.

Tackling meningitis amidst the many challenges of Darfur
June 2009 - The Darfur states in Sudan, already confronted by conflict and the displacement of millions of people, face another lesser-known challenge – their membership of the “meningitis belt” that stretches across sub-Saharan Africa.

Bringing life saving services to places beyond the boundaries in Darfur
12 May 2009 - The three states of Darfur covering a vast area - approximately the size of France – in the west of Sudan comprise many rural villages scattered across their most isolated corners and often difficult to access.

Our club, our programme - child leadership in South Darfur
4 May 2009 – It’s the school holidays and the empty school yard is baking in the midday sun. But in one dark classroom in the corner of Alsadaga School, Iman Musa is in fine vocal form.

Communities tune in for Child Health Weeks
29 April 2009 – The tune is from a traditional folk song and is old, older even than grandparents. It was recorded in a dusty village using only one microphone and the singing voices sound a little distant, as if from the past.

Five communities pledge an end to female genital mutilation and cutting
6 February 2009 - Rahad District, Gedaref State. Eight years ago, only a few rural communities in three states in the north of Sudan were actively engaged in efforts to end the harmful practice of female genital mutilation and cutting.

Education brings hopes for a better future in Sudan’s South Kordofan‎
February 2009‎ - It is 9:00 am in the Sudanese village of Dhamba, 30 ‎kilometres west of Kadugli town, the capital of Sudan’s South Kordofan State. Children have ‎already started their day in the Dhamba village basic school that was recently built.



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