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Rotavirus vaccine: One mother’s story

Samira, a mother of three, says:

 “When my first child, Ibrahim, was one year old, he fell ill with diarrhea and vomiting. I was so worried I immediately took him to a nearby clinic where they gave me some medicine.
But Ibrahim didn’t get better. The next morning I took him to see another doctor but the diarrhea continued for three days. I tried to feed him rice water but that too went right through his body.

By this time Ibrahim was weak with dehydration so I took him to a hospital where they admitted him for 24 hours and fed him intravenously to rehydrate him. I was in such a bad state, fearing for his life. Everyone in my family thought he wouldn’t make it through this illness.
But thankfully, Ibrahim slowly began to get better after being in hospital. It was days before he regained his strength and began to eat again.
I never want to experience that kind of fear for my children’s lives.
So when I heard there was a vaccine for children’s diarrheal diseases I brought my newborn son Mohamed here to the health centre. Mohammed is two-months-old and so is eligible for the vaccine. We took the first dose of the rotavirus vaccine on 01 August and will be sure to come back for the final dose after one month.
With the introduction of the new vaccine, mothers like me have one less thing to worry about.”
(Based on an interview at SAMIR Health Centre, Khartoum, 18 August 2011).



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