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Participate in the UNICEF Peace Ambassador Programme!

Participants in the UPAP are people who actively choose to promote peace, the non-violent resolution of differences, and to participate in the peace building of Sudan. Any person who makes this choice can participate in the UPAP by becoming a Peace Supporter. 
What is a Peace Supporter?
Peace Supporters are members of any community who are aware of the UPAP and the principles of peace and harmony. By signing up as a Peace Supporter you actively choose to support the youth in your community and uphold the initiative and values in your daily life. You are encouraged to help with peace promotion and participate in peace promotion events. You may form informal Peace Groups to facilitate the coordination of Peace Supporters in your community. More information about what you can do as a Peace Supporter will be available shortly, but you can sign up already today! 
Do you want to become a Peace Supporter? Write to with your name, age, locality and available contact information or download the signup sheet and hand it in at your closest UNICEF office. 
Peace Supporter Signup Sheet is available on the right hand side menu on PDF file.
What is a Peace Ambassador?
A Peace Ambassador is a person who makes a further commitment to the UPAP, follows the UPAP guidelines and meets specific requirements for Peace Ambassadors. Peace Ambassadors will also get the opportunity to create Peace Ambassador Clubs (PAC). The PAC are groups of young people who actively participate in the peace-building of Sudan and work together in an organized and democratic manner to promote and uphold the UPAP, to raise awareness in their community, and demand peace and non-violent resolution of conflict from their leaders. Each PAC establishes a common vision and objectives for how to work for peace in their community. Peace Ambassador Clubs can be established anywhere, in schools, youth centers, NGO’s or other actors who wish to participate in the peace building of Sudan. 
More information about the possibilities of becoming a Peace Ambassador and forming a Peace Ambassador Club will be available shortly!





Peace Supporter Signup Sheet

You may click on the below PDF file to access the signup sheet.

(PDF documents require Acrobat Reader to view.)

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