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28 November 2010 - At the Universal Children's Day celebration, Sudan's children call for peace

UNICEF SUDAN/2010/Anneli
Children singing group were singing and performing on the occasion of the Universal Children's Day

This year’s Universal Children’s Day was indeed an exceptional event in which Government, UNICEF and civil society joined forces to make it a truly colorful and meaningful celebration of the rights of the children of the Sudan. In the afternoon of Sunday 28th November, hundreds of children from different schools in the Capital City area participated in a carnival, singing for peace and wearing T-shirts with UNICEF logos and inscriptions of the value of peace for the Sudan and its children. The main event, held at the Palace of Youth and Children in Omdurman city, overlooking the magnificent view of the confluence of the White and Blue Niles, was attended by children, Government officials, UNICEF Representative and staff, members of civil society, the media and teachers. The National Council for Children Welfare (NCCW) organized this event in close collaboration with UNICEF, while giving prominence to the UNICEF peace initiative throughout the proceedings. The guest of honor of the celebration was the Presidential Adviser Ms. Raja Hassan Khalifa. The Minister of Social Welfare Ms. Amira Elfadil and the Secretary General of the NCCW Ms. Gamar Habani were also present.

The Presidential Adviser, made a statement in which she conveyed a message from the President of the Republic reiterating total commitment of the government of Sudan to implement all laws at the national and international levels related to the protection and welfare of children. She also underlined their commitment to peace in Sudan, in order to ensure an environment of peace and stability that allows for all children to fully enjoy all their rights. In this connection, she further commended the partnership with UNICEF. The Presidential Adviser took the opportunity to make special reference to the recent move in the National Assembly regarding reallocation of funds from sovereign activities to social sector activities to the tune of SDG.84 billion, being of significance in broadening the umbrella of social protection.

© UNICEF SUDAN/2010/Anneli
Mr. Nils Kastberg, UNICEF Representative, giving a speech on the occasion of the Universal Children's Day

In addition to the above statement, both the Minister for Social Welfare and the Secretary General of NCCW made brief statements. They underlined their continued commitment to working with all partners for the protection and welfare of children, while making special reference to UNICEF as an active partner. They also both spoke of the values and policies of peace and their significance in the Sudan. In their, statements, they also made mention of the move of the National Assembly to reallocate budgetary funds in favor of the social sector.

In his statement, the UNICEF Representative, Mr. Nils Kastberg, spoke of the effective and strong partnership between government, civil society and UNICEF and achievements made within this partnership in the protection and welfare of children. He underscored the central role of peace, being fundamental and crucial to the development of children and for the future of Sudan. He took the opportunity to commend the move of the National Assembly to pursue reallocation of budgetary funds to the social sector, which could give Sudan prominence within Africa for taking such a significant step.

All in all, the celebration of the Universal Children’s Day was a meaningful event that gave all participants an opportunity to charge their hearts and minds with further commitment to more actions for children’s protection and welfare in an environment of peace.



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