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UNICEF Peace Ambassador Programme (UPAP)
Through the UPAP, tools and platforms are offered for communities- especially youth- to work for peace in their own way and raise awareness on issues related to peace. 
Vision of the UNICEF Peace Ambassadors Programme
A Sudan in peace, where young people are active participants in the peacebuilding of Sudan and individual differences are resolved through non-violent means. 
 To raise awareness and generate discussions among Sudanese people, with a focus on youth, about the price of war, the price of peace, gains of peace and the importance of resolving differences without violence.
To empower Sudanese youth to promote peace and to demand peaceful resolution of conflict from their leaders and communities.
Values of Peace and Harmony
Learning to live together, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Diversity, Trust , Compassion, Tolerance, Benevolence, Mutual understanding, Collective community effort, Solidarity.
Price of war, price of peace, gains of peace
The UPAP aims to generate discussions on the concepts of price of war, price of peace and the gains of peace. So what does this mean? These are some of the questions and discussions that have been raised so far:
What is meant by peace? Is it simply a lack of armed conflict? Or is it a safe environment, access to basic needs and the ability to exercise your rights? Is it a state of mind as an individual, or as a group? What does peace mean to you?
 Everyone who has grown up and lived with the conflicts in Sudan have had to pay a price of war. Maybe you have lost a close friend or family member, or your home. Perhaps you have had difficulties accessing healthcare, education or have had difficulties travelling from one place to another. What price has your community had to pay for the war in Sudan? What price have you as an individual had to pay?  There is also a price of peace. Peace is not something that comes easy or without effort. Working for peace is a long-term commitment which requires energy and a strong will. It may involve settling differences with people or groups who have caused you pain in the past, without using violence. It may involve a change in attitude, behaviour, or life-style. How do you think you could promote peace in your daily life? Do you think it would take a lot of effort?
 Finally, what do you think could be the gains of peace? What is it that makes the effort worthwhile? Think about it! What if no more people died as a result of violence? What if there were more resources to allocate on health, education, water, peace building? What if children could grow up without fear and able to play in a secure environment? What could you and your community gain if Sudan were a country in peace?  
 Do you believe in peace? Do you want to create a peaceful future for Sudan?

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