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KEY FACTS – What we know…

Number of Children with Disabilities

  • According to the World Report on Disability, 1 billion people have a disability; at least 1 in 10 is a child (100 million children); and 80% live in developing countries
  • The report estimates that 15% of the world populations have disabilities, and higher-income countries have a lower prevlence of disability than lower income countries.
  • The national 2008 Sudan Census estimated the prevalence of disability at 4.8%. It also measured the number of children under 18 years at 15 million, indicating that approximately 720,000 Sudanese children have disabilities.

Most common causes of disability in Sudan
Studies conducted in Sudan indicated that the most common causes are:

  • Congenital or hereditary factors
  • Medical problems during pregnancy, childbirth, or post-natal period
  • An outcome of consanguineous marriages (marrying first cousins)

To read more about the legislative context and the language that determines how we see persons with disabilities, click here.



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