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Children and disability


Children and disability

December 3rd marked the 20th anniversary of the International Day for Persons with DisabilitiesThis year's theme is 'Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all'. 

UNICEF Sudan is working with the government and national and international partners to advance the rights for children with disabilities in the country. An inclusive society benefits everyone!"

“The voices of children with disabilities and parents can be loudly heard in the study, and it is time for us - all of us with a duty and obligation for the fulfilment of children’s rights - to listen and to learn”,  UNICEF Head of protection in Sudan, Mr Stephen Blight

"These people need to become an integral part of our community.. we are here to serve these people and to uphold their rights”, Sudan's State Minister for Welfare and Social Security, Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim.
"School is the best place to socialise and make friends", Asma, a child with disability. 

Our children are like any others, they deserve the best”, one of the parents, Amira, who has three children with disabilities. 

Children with disability in Sudan



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