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A post-2015 World Fit for children

The Millennium Development Goals have been a success and achieved a lot for children and young people. However they have not fully been met. The unfinished and continuing business of investing in the rights and    well-being of children – as well as emerging and neglected issues - must be boldly addressed in a vision of a world fit for children and future generations, with achievable goals for the post-2015 development agenda.

 An Agenda for #EVERYChild 2015

  1.  End violence against children.

  2.  Put ending child poverty at the center of global poverty eradication.

  3.  Renew the global effort to end preventable child and maternal deaths.

  4.  Pay more attention to adolescence, the second decade of life.

  5.  Leverage the growing ‘Data Revolution’ to support the rights of every child.

  6.  Increase investments in all children, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.

  7.  Break the cycle of chronic crises affecting children.

  8.  Prioritize education so that all children and adolescents are in school and learning.

  9.  Stop girls being left out, held back and pushed aside.

  10. Tackle climate change for the sake of future generations.



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