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Video interview: What is DevInfo?

DevInfo is a software tool for monitoring human development. It includes a database for organizing, storing and displaying data in a standard format. It can also be used to produce tables, graphs and maps.

DevInfo is a project of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG); UNICEF was asked to lead the project on behalf of UNDG.

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UNICEF Senior Data Dissemination Adviser and DevInfo Global Administrator Nicolas Pron.

In this interview, UNICEF Senior Data Dissemination Adviser and DevInfo Global Administrator, Nicolas Pron discusses the role and features of DevInfo. Mr. Pron oversees the development, coordination and implementation of DevInfo.

1. How will DevInfo help in the achievement of the MDGs?
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2. Are there any special features of the software that you would like to highlight?
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3. Who is using DevInfo, and how do they like the product?
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4. What was UNICEF’s role in developing DevInfo?
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5. What is UNICEF’s role in providing MDG data?
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6. How has the UK Department for International Development (DFID) been involved with DevInfo?
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7. What does the future hold for DevInfo?
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