Youth experiences during crisis (May-July 2022)

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U-Report Sri Lanka poll: Young people’s experiences during the socio-economic crisis (May-July 2022)

Young people in Sri Lanka have been living through hard times due to the ongoing economic crisis in Sri Lanka. Shortage of essential goods, cooking gas, fuel, electricity, food supplies, and transport had put the whole country to a very distressed state during this time.

In this context, it was important for UNICEF and other youth programme partners to understand the different experiences and really listen to the thoughts and ideas of the young people so that we can advocate on their behalf.

Therefore, we ran a U-report poll and over 3,000 young people from all over the country participated. The poll was administered from 14th May through 31st July 2022.This report is a summary of the opinions voiced by young people (aged 13 -29) during the poll.

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