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Nine year old Tharshana lives in the town of Puthukkudieruppu (PTK) in Mullaitivu. She is studying at the local school Sri Supramaniya Vidyasalai. Tharshana got displaced from her village when the conflict intensified in 2009. She subsequently lived at the Menik Farm camp for nearly two years along with 300,000 displaced people. In 2011 she returned home to find that her entire community had been devastated, this included her school Sri Supramaniya Vidyasalai.

She is one of the 222 students presently studying under temporary shelters made up of palm leaves. The school is severely damaged and needs to be reconstructed at an estimated cost of 350,000 USD. Another 1000 children are expected to return to the school in the coming months. Out of total 54 schools in Mullaitivu region, 16 schools are yet to be re-opened. Atleast 75 per cent of them require major repair and reconstruction. UNICEF is currently supporting the reconstruction of 15 schools in Mullaittivu region.



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