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The European Union and UNICEF have a long standing global partnership to secure the highest possible quality of life for children, including ensuring that all children having access to and enjoy quality education, adequate nutrition, safe water, sanitation, health, and are protected from discrimination, exploitation, violence and abuse.


Our partnership with the EU in Sri Lanka began in 2009, under the EU-ACAP programme, which helped conflict-affected populations recover from the 30 year war. This followed an additional collaboration under the EU-SEM programme that contributed to improving access to social services and the livelihood potential of vulnerable communities. Under the current EU-SDDP programme, whose focus is to bridge regional disparities and support district development, UNICEF will contribute to improving access to quality social services through the following sectors:


*  Education: Supporting vulnerable schools to improve their learning environment and nurture strong school communities; 22,000 children expected to benefit
* Child Survival and Development: Strengthening health service delivery by re/constructing health facilities, building the capacity of health care officials and mobilising communities; 5,500 mothers expected to have improved knowledge and skills on preventing under nutrition
* WASH: Improving water supply and sanitation facilities and promoting hygiene in schools, health centres and communities, along with improving water safety and quality surveillance; 50,000 residents will benefit
* Child protection: System and capacity building to support the re-establishment of key social protection services, strengthen Justice f









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EU UNICEF provides enviromentally friendly sanitation for communities in the East
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Partnership helps restore public services in rural Sri Lanka

EU Parliamentarian, Ms Jean Lambert at Sri Shanpaha Maha Vidyalaya in Eechilampattu, Trincomalee

EU UNICEF support to education
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EU supported construction of schools

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EU-UNICEF provides environmentally friendly sanitation for communities in the East

Children in the east celebrate the support to education from the European Union and UNICEF
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