Public expenditure analysis for social protection

in Sri Lanka

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UNICEF Sri Lanka


This report provides a public expenditure analysis of social protection in Sri Lanka. As policymakers gradually (re-)assess social protection systems in the wider context of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly important to have clear information on the existing country-level programmes. Appraising existing policy and planning for the future creates an opportunity to design social protection strategies based on the demographic and socio-economic challenges facing countries. Detailing the characteristics of current programmes allows policymakers to evaluate the coverage, adequacy (or generosity) and life-cycle aspects of national social protection programmes. This document adopts a definition of social protection focusing on non-contributory (social assistance) and (semi-)contributory schemes (social insurance).

Nicolò Bird, Ganga Tilakaratn, Louise Moreira Daniel, Shilohni Sumanthiran, Élise Chrétien, Krista Alvarenga, Pedro Arruda
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