Community Voice Bulletin


Community Voice Bulletin #1
UNICEF Sri Lanka


In response to the deep economic crisis that hit Sri Lanka in 2022, UNICEF, working closely with the government, provided short-term nutrition-sensitive cash transfers to mothers and caretakers of young children in the most nutrition-vulnerable districts. The aim of the programme was to support these families in accessing nutritious food and health services.

The Community Voice Bulletin showcases the viewpoints and perspectives of the mothers and caretakers who benefited from the nutrition-sensitive cash transfer programme. Through Community Voices, their concerns and aspirations are not only acknowledged but actively integrated into the development of the programme, fostering a more meaningful and impactful relationship with the individuals it serves. The views and perspectives were collected through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). This Bulletin analyses the findings from 18 FGDs with 277 mothers and caretakers in 6 districts.

Community Voice Bulletin #1
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