Budget allocation criteria study

UNICEF Sri Lanka Working Paper

Budget Allocation Criteria Study
UNICEF Sri Lanka


A critical “budgeting problem” that any country faces is the need to determine how to best allocate limited public funds to improve the lives of its citizens. This process requires the government to determine how much funding to allocate to different sectors as well as to different sub-regions in the country and on what basis. The lower the amount of funds available compared to the demand for such funds, this decision-making process becomes more challenging and critical.

This working paper examines the decision-making process and the mechanisms that determine the allocation of funds in Sri Lanka to (1) five selected social sectors: education, health, child protection, social protection and water and sanitation; and (2) sub-national governments. The working paper also endeavours to identify the main constraints that limit the efficient and effective allocation of funds.


Budget allocation criteria study
Subhashini Abeysinghe, Charini Senanayake, Siyama Ansar, Hafsa Haniffa
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