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Sagarika is a widow, living alone with her twin boys who are 8 years old. Three years back, her husband died due to excessive drinking and liver damage leaving her penniless. Sagarika was had no means of an income nor any social support to bring up her children.

Unable to provide food and education for her children, she felt compelled to put her children in an orphanage. With the advice of the Samurdhi officer, she approached the Department of Probation and Child Care Services (DPCCS) to find an alternative to care for her twin boys.

Sagarika felt torn between her inability to care for her children and the inevitable separation from them. She took her children to the DPCCS where they reviewed her case and advised her to not put them in a children’s home. They were willing to provide her a monthly allowance of Rupees 3000 for education and referred the case for livelihood support. With their help, Sagarika received a grant of Rupees 17,000/- to help her earn an income. She bought a sewing machine with the grant and is now able to send her children to school and provide for their care. She sews and sells sweaters and maintains a good record of her income and expenditure. “I am confident that I can do better and provide for my children”.

Sagarika wants to build a good future for her children. However, she is still grappling with the loss of her husband and is in need of psychosocial support.



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