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Universal Children's Day 2006

© UNICEF Sri Lanka/04
Children perform at an event at Temple Trees in Colombo to mark Universal Children's Day

UNICEF welcomes Universal Children’s Day as a chance for everyone in Sri Lanka to unite for children.

Sri Lanka has made great progress for children – but currently a large number of children have fled their homes, and many have been injured and killed during the recent upsurge in conflict. UNICEF calls on all parties to work together for peace and to respect the right of every child to grow up in a safe and peaceful environment.

Sri Lanka has made important advances in children’s education and health - but there is still much to be done if Sri Lankan children are to thrive and to reach their full potential. More and more children are surviving infancy – but many of them are growing up malnourished.

Most children go to school – but many are not receiving the quality education they deserve.

Everybody agrees that children should be protected by law – but we need to do more to prevent children from being abused.

UNICEF calls on everyone to work together to make sure that every Sri Lankan child has the best start in life.



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