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Stories from the Field

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UNICEF Sri Lanka brings you stories from around the country, highlighting the experience of children wherever they are. 

These stories are designed to give an insight into children's lives as UNICEF strives to make sure their rights are fulfilled.

Read on and hear from the families, the children, the teachers, the humanitarian workers and others who together tell our stories from the field.

Safe water for all affected

A room to call their own

A safe space for a family to heal

Mine Risk Education – Jeevana’s story

A teacher’s dedication, a child’s development

From a pedestrian crossing to a wheelchair – Lakshika’s story

Australia supports quality education for vulnerable children in Sri Lanka

EU Partnership Strengthens Early Childhood Development in Sri Lanka

Australian Aid and UNICEF improves the water, sanitation and hygiene status in Kovilkulam & Vavuniya Hindu College

Australian Aid and UNICEF: Contributing to Clean Water, Improved Sanitation and Better Hygiene in Northern Sri Lanka

Australian Aid and UNICEF Support WASH in Schools in Eastern Sri Lanka

Child Friendly Education approaches boosts low performing students

‘Play safe’ says 12 year old Mine Risk Educator

How Australian Aid and UNICEF Support WASH in Schools in Eastern Sri Lanka

Supporting Learning and Quality Education One Toilet and Hand washing Facility at a Time

How Australian Aid and UNICEF Empower Communities, Parents and Students by Ensuring Safe Water and Sanitation to Schools

Supporting Learning and Quality Education One Toilet and Hand washing Facility at a Time

A community that cares for mothers

UNICEF helps a single war widow to protect and care for her seven children

Tracing of Sri Lanka’s missing children

Emergency obstetric care helps save the lives of a mother and her baby

Korean support to quality education boosts school attendance for vulnerable children

A New School to Rebuild Lives in Northern Sri Lanka

Once a child soldier now an ice-creme truck driver

Keeping families together

Partnership helps restore public services in rural Sri Lanka

Boosting education with bicycles

UNICEF restores Water Supply in Delft Island, Jaffna

UNICEF supported vocational training offers hope and a new beginning for a former child soldier

From One Drama to Another

UNICEF supports efforts to reunite families in post-conflict Sri Lanka

Encouraging entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka’s north

Child friendly schools in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s missing children

UNICEF-supported programme tackles malnutrition on tea estates in Sri Lanka

THINKWISE – don’t stigmatise

Flood waters devastate Sri Lankan communities

Education revitalizes displaced communities in Sri Lanka

UNICEF New child friendly schools bring hope to Sri Lanka

Crisis for children in Sri Lanka

Children trapped in Sri Lanka’s conflict

UNICEF Supported Tangalle Water Supply Scheme Completed

Finding safe water - three years on from the tsunami

A new place to learn

Eastern Sri Lanka: a population on the move

Grasping Complex Info in the Eye of An Emergency

Hope rises for Sri Lanka's unaccompanied children

Making a difference with catch-up education

Two years on, UNICEF staffers describe memories of the tsunami

A new chance for young people on Sri Lanka's plantations

A new life for tsunami widowers in Sri Lanka

A new school and new hope for a family struck by the tsunami

A new school for the children of Kaluthavalai

How UNICEF supports better nutrition in the Estate Sector

Checking on the health of children affected by conflict

Food supplies running low in Jaffna

Thousands of families displaced at Vaharai

Universal Children's Day 2006

Internally Displaced Children in Sri Lanka: Trincomalee

Reporting on children in a fast-changing media environment

How midwives make a difference for children and mothers

The Voice of Children in the Media: Child Reporters in Sri Lanka

New School Building for Tsunami Affected Children in Southern Sri Lanka

No longer a need to walk five hours to the nearest health centre

The salt of life – how iodised salt protects a generation of Sri Lanka’s children

Child Friendly Schools

Saving Children from Mines



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