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Children in an Urban World 2012

The State of the World’s Children report is UNICEF’s authoritative annual assessment of the well-being of children worldwide, with country by country and region by region statistics. Every year the report explores a specific challenge to child well-being. The 2012 edition highlights children living in urban areas. The report finds that more than half of the world’s seven billion people now live in urban areas. It says that while many children enjoy the benefits that cities offer, such as schools, clinics and playgrounds, hundreds of millions miss out on these opportunities and are uncounted and unreached. The report details the risks these children face, and sets out the steps needed to create cities fit for children.

Sri Lanka, which has a relatively low urbanised population at 14 per cent, is predicted to experience its fastest growth in urbanisation in many years. The country's urban population is expected to grow by more than two per cent per annum. Some of the greatest social disparities tend to exist in urban settings.






UNICEF Sri Lanka Representative, Reza Hossaini, launches the report in Colombo


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