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Sri Lanka is on track to achieve Millennium Development Goal 2 (universal primary education) and Goal 3 (gender equality). It has a total adult literacy rate of 91 per cent. The country has achieved near-universal primary school enrolment of 99 per cent, which varies little across provinces or by gender. The retention rate to last primary grade is 98 per cent, and the secondary gross enrolment ratio is 86 for males and 88 for females. Yet the quality of education requires attention, as the pass rate for grade 5 exams averages just 57 per cent.

The current unemployment rate is less than 5 per cent (males, 2.9 per cent; females, 7.1 per cent). The Government has provided vocational and technical training facilities to help young people develop marketable skills. However, a substantial proportion of youth have limited opportunities for skills development.


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