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Out-of-School Children in Sri Lanka : Country Study

This Out of School Children Study in Sri Lanka is part of the Global Initiative on Out of School Children launched by UNICEF and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics in 2010. Its objectives are to explore currently available statistical information on out of school children (OOSC), identify factors that contribute to exclusion from schooling, and examine existing policies that are effective in enhancing participation as well as the gaps in policy and in the implementation of policies and programmes.

Full Report, Summary Report

Emerging Concerns and Case Studies on Child Marrage in Sri Lanka


National Nutrition and Micronutrient Survey 2012
Anaemia among children aged 6-59 months and nutritional status of children and adults


Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Report on Voluntary Residential Institutions for Children in Sri Lanka


Child Outlook
A policy briefing on global trends and their implications for children


A Study on Child Abuse in Anuradhapura, Colombo South and Ratnapura


Sugar Candy Ogres

English, Sinhala, Tamil

Nutritional status in Sri Lanka, determinants and interventions: a desk review


Assessment of Nutritional Status Northern Provice


Manual on child-friendly education

Sinhala, Tamil

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Againt Women
In brief for adolescents


Trends in Maternal Mortality

Globally, the total number of maternal deaths decreased by from 543 000 in 1990 to 287 000 in 2010. Likewise, the global maternal mortality ratio (MMR) declined from 400 maternal deaths per 100 000 live births in 1990 to 210 in 2010, representing an average annual decline of 3.1 per cent.


Facts for life

One of the world‘s most widely read books, with over 15 million copies used. Facts for Life has helped to save the lives of millions of children by putting lifesaving knowledge about children‘s health into the hands of those who need it most: parents, caregivers, health workers, government officials, journalists and teachers.

English, Sinhala, Tamil


Assessment of Nutritional Status and Associated Factors in Northern Province


Progress for children

A report card on adolescents


Skillful Parenting

There are many good ideas on how to parent. This booklet is designed with the intention of sharing with you some of these.
Download English

Partnering with Religious Communities for Children

This publication is primarily intended to strengthen those partnerships and make them even more effective as we work together to improve children's lives.
Download English


A Handbook on Child Participation in Parliament

The handbook aims to provide parliamentarians with information on a variety of effective mechanisms to ensure that children's participation in parliaments is meaningful.
Download English


The State of the World's Children 2012: Children in an Urban World


Humanitarian Action for Children 2012

The Humanitarian Action for Children 2012 publication describes the daily situation of some of the world's most vulnerable children and women in more than 25 countries beset by emergencies and crisis.

The country chapters included in the Humanitarian Action for Children include not only summaries of the key humanitarian challenges and the results of UNICEF's interventions in 2011, but also plans and associated funding requests for the coming year. The document also lays out the vital support provided by seven UNICEF regional offices to country operations. The unique contributions and funding needs of UNICEF's global efforts to coordinate emergency assistance are also included.

Download English

Happy Learning

A guide to best practises for achieving the potential of children
Download English

Infant and Young Child Feeding training manual

This could be used by health care service professionals to train feed staff.
Download Sinhala (182mb), Tamil (130mb)

Qualitative Learning Action Research

Action Research gives teachers the skills needed to work on problems specific to their classrooms and their schools.

Read and watch more, Download


An assessment of students' competency levels in Grades 3-9 in Northen and Eastern Provinces. March 2010

This report documents the development, delivery, scoring and processing of a set of tests of Tamil and mathematics for placing displaced and returned learners in the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP).



Maternal Newborn Child Health and Nutrition for Survival Development 2010

These 25 health and nutrition district profiles enable government partners access to key trends, at-a-glance, and to compare data trends for each district as we jointly seek to address health and nutrition social inequities.


National profile


District profiles

 Ampara Gampaha   Kilinochchi Nuwara Eliya 
 Anuradhapura  Hambanthota  Mannar  Polonnaruwa
 Badula  Jafna  Matale  Puttalam
 Batticaloa  Kalutara  Matara  Rathnapura
 Colombo  Kandy  Monaragala  Trincomalee
 Galle  Kegalle  Mullaitivu  Vavuniya



Nutrition and Food Security Survey 2010

In partnership, the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and World Food Programme (WFP), have produced this Nutrition and Food Security Survey of Sri Lanka. It is the first survey to assess the underlying causes of malnutrition in Sri Lanka and the related impact of the increase in global food prices.


This UNICEF and WFP funded survey reveals there are significant disparities between different regions of the country. While the incidence of stunting and underweight was higher in rural areas such as the estate sector and Hambantota, wasting was found to be higher in urban areas including Colombo.


While Sri Lanka is largely on track to attaining most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), significant challenges relating to poverty and child malnutrition remain including socio-economic and regional disparities.





Overview of Maternal Mortality in Sri Lanka 2001-2005

The reduction of maternal mortality is a major international public health goal, but many countries are finding difficulties to make progress towards it. The case of Sri Lanka is successfull story tat demonstrates how rapidly progress can occur when fundamental building blocks are in place.

We consider that other countries at similar income levels can take inspiration from Sri Lanka's strategies, interventions and impressive results in reducing maternal deaths. It is our hope that this maternal mortality review will bring a better understanding of each maternal death occuring in this country, as well as key findings to inform policy-making at all levels.




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