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The OneMinutesJr is a successful UNICEF project that bundles creative film making ideas and meaningful messages in powerful 60-second videos produced entirely by the young people themselves. Through the participatory approach of the training, the youngsters learn both the theory and the practical part of making a movie.

As part of a EU-UNICEF partnership, 16 boys and girls from around the country came together in Passikudah Bay (Batticaloa District) to develop, film and edit a series of OneMinutesJr videos in a 5-day hands-on workshop led by a team of experienced trainers from Europe and the USA.

The theme of the workshop was “Every Child Counts.” Giving focus to the 25th Anniversary on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and how UNICEF and the EU have helped children realize some of the rights included in that Convention. Children were encouraged to think about ways in which the issues of rights affected their lives, either as in inspiration or the background for telling a story – such as how it reflects on their life, or the life of someone they know, or simply to visualize Child Rights in a more abstract way. 

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