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CRC @ 25



Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Report on Voluntary Residential Institutions for Children in Sri Lanka



Child Outlook
A policy briefing on global trends and their implications for children



A Study on Child Abuse in Anuradhapura, Colombo South and Ratnapura



Sugar Candy Ogres

English, Sinhala, Tamil


Facts for life

One of the world‘s most widely read books, with over 15 million copies used. Facts for Life has helped to save the lives of millions of children by putting lifesaving knowledge about children‘s health into the hands of those who need it most: parents, caregivers, health workers, government officials, journalists and teachers.

English, Sinhala, Tamil



Skillful Parenting

There are many good ideas on how to parent. This booklet is designed with the intention of sharing with you some of these.
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Partnering with Religious Communities for Children

This publication is primarily intended to strengthen those partnerships and make them even more effective as we work together to improve children's lives.
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A Handbook on Child Participation in Parliament

The handbook aims to provide parliamentarians with information on a variety of effective mechanisms to ensure that children's participation in parliaments is meaningful.
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Convention on the Rights of the Child


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