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Speeding up the processing of child abuse cases

Speeding up the processing of child abuse cases

State Counsels of the Criminal Division of Sri Lanka’s Attorney-General’s Department met to launch a plan to improve the judicial process for child abuse victims.

Their main aim was to ensure the judicial system worked more efficiently and faster in processing child abuse cases, as means of serving the child’s best interests.  

In his opening speech, the Solicitor-General, Palitha Fernando, pledged that by 15 October, 2012, all new child abuse cases in Sri Lanka will be dealt with by the legal system within six months.

Currently, child abuse cases in Sri Lanka can take several years to be processed through the courts, leaving the victims unable to seek closure and move on with their lives.

The Attorney-General, Eva Wanasundera, was chief guest. UNICEF Sri Lanka Representative Reza Hossaini was a guest of honour at the event held on January 3, 2012, in Colombo.

UNICEF Representative Reza Hossaini on the importance of justice system reforms for child abuse victims.

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Kamalini De Silva, on the pledge to process child abuse cases within six months.

UNICEF Sri Lanka Child Protection Chief, Caroline Bakker, on the significance of this meeting in improving justice for child abuse victims.

Attorney General Eva Wanasundera welcomes the higher profile among State Counsels of improved justice for child abuse victims.



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