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Action Research: Improving the quality of education in Sri Lanka

Addressing the Provision of a free education for every child of school age is a national policy in Sri lanka. It is a collective responsibility of all the stakeholders to contribute to improve the effectiveness of the education system. Various institutions are adopting interventions to orient towards alternative methodologies to make the interaction between the student and the teacher in the classroom more effective. The recommendation introduced by the 1998 education reforms sets out that teachers should take steps to promote the learning-teaching process as a form of research and inquiry on the part of the teacher and student.

UNICEF continuously supports the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Sri Lanka. The NIE is responsible for developing curriculum, teacher training and conducting research at national level. Introducing Action Research with a view to improving Quality of primary education is an innovative approach initiated by NIE. The main purpose of this effort is to create a child friendly learning environment in the classroom. Action Research gives teachers the skills needed to work on problems specific to their classrooms and their schools. By using an actual research procedure, researching teachers can resolve their own teaching challenges. The findings become immediately applicable to their individual situations.

The project period was two years and the total cost was about USD 30,000 funded by AusAID. One hundred and fifty teachers trained on how to conduct class based action research and guided this report by conveying their experience to the resource group at NIE in many contact sessions. The forty most appropriate researches were selected and included in this book to disseminate the entire process. Three short films also have been produced based on best cases. The launching of the publication and films was be held on 31st May, 2011, at NIE, in Colombo.






Qualitative Learning Action Research

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