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Global Handwashing Day

·         Initiated in 2008 by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand Washing with Soap (http://www.globalhandwashing.org/);

·         It is endorsed by a wide array of governments, civil society organisations, NGOs, private sector companies and individuals around the globe;

·         The driving theme for Global Hand Washing Day is children and schools, and the main objectives of this global celebration are:

ü  Foster and support a global and local culture of hand washing with soap

ü  Spotlight the state of hand washing in each country

ü  Raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing with soap


Global Hand Washing Day - 2011

·         This year’s global theme is ‘more than just a day’ promoting correct hand washing as an integrated habit in day-to-day life;


·         With progressive initiatives in 2008 and 2009, this year’s marking of the day will be an impressive event across schools, playgrounds, and community centres in villages, towns and cities in more than 80 countries;


·         In Sri Lanka too, through a partnership between the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and UNICEF, the day and its objectives are delivered to vast public audiences at all levels through schools and media.


      Key Partnerships in Sri Lanka

·         Ministry of Education (School Health and Nutrition Unit) and UNICEF (WASH & Communication);

·         Ministry of Education (School Health and Nutrition Unit) and Ministry of Health (Health Education Bureau);


 Approach in Sri Lanka

1.     School-based activities

·         In 94 schools, in all nine provinces (Northern - 12, Eastern -14, Central -15, Western -11, Southern - 11, Sabaragamuwa - 7, North Central - 8, North Western - 8 and Uva - 8);

·         With the direct participation of approximately 20,000 students;

·         National event at the primary school “Wethara Kanishta Vidyalaya” in the suburbs of Colombo (semi-urban school with a situation similar to that of a rural school).                                                                         



Media Campaign

Print Media

·         Large advertisement with the global theme of GHD (in three newspapers in each local language);

·         News release issued jointly by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and UNICEF (in three local languages).


Broadcast Media

·         Public service announcement (five seconds, animated) during news bulletins of a prominent TV network (in each language);

·         Public service announcement during key programmes of a prominent Radio Station for a week starting from GHD (in each local language);

·         Ministry of Education to take part in a prime-time Radio and / or TV talk show during the morning of GHD.


Electronic Media

·         Online dissemination of communication tools and key messages and social media engagement.












Global Handwashing Day 2010

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