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A major focus of UNICEF’s work over the months and years will be on implementing activities aimed at getting children back to learning and supporting key programmes ensuring quality of education to improve achievement of essential learning competencies.

Specifically, UNICEF is taking a lead role in:

  • Supporting the Ministry of Education in the Education Sector Development Framework and programmes.
  • Supporting the development of strategic plans for implementing education programmes at central, provincial, district and zonal levels of the identified focus district.
  • Continuing with comprehensive teacher training and school Catch Up Education programmes.
  • Funding teacher training and setting up teacher support groups to help better identify and understand stress-related behaviour in children.
  • Working with the World Food Programme on a ‘midday meal’ school feeding programme
  • Providing support to district authorities,partners and communities to increase school attendance by reaching out to vulnerable communities, mobilizing student groups, public awareness campaigns, and by convening community meetings to discuss ways of bringing all children back to school.
  • Assisting the Ministry of Education integrating the Child Friendly School concept into construction of all tsunami-affected schools.



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