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During 2005, UNICEF expanded its water and sanitation (WASH) work significantly to meet the immediate needs of tsunami-affected communities. Unsafe water and poor sanitation could have triggered a second disaster through the spread of disease, following the disaster. UNICEF's response to the tsunami

Work now continues to expand WASH activities around the country. Main areas of focus include:

Coordination and Policy Development: Working with main government partners, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), Ministry of Urban Development and Water Supply, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to promote sector wide approaches and effective investments in improving the water supply and sanitation around the country.

Rehabilitation of major water supply schemes in Mullativu, Trikovil and Tangalle.

Providing water and sanitation facilities to war affected, internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnee and tsunami-affected families. In 2005 more than 300,000 tsunami-affected people each received 15 litres of water every day through water trucking and on-site storage. 8,052 tsunami-impacted wells were rehabilitated and cleaned and more than 5,000 temporary and permanent toilets were constructed for more than 100,000 IDPs.

Improving water and sanitation in Schools and Health Centres: Construction and renovation activities were undertaken at 400 schools and 100 health centres.

Improved public health through establishing district wise water quality surveillance systems around the country.

Hygiene promotion activities implemented with NGO and government partners to build education capacity and provide essential information to vulnerable groups, including war and tsunami IDPs. 315, 000 stickers and 200,000 leaflets with hygiene messages were distributed to IDP and the general public.

Monitoring and evaluation to track the coverage and benefits of water supply systems and gain information for further improvement.

UNICEF's response to the tsunami



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