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Children and cricket team up for a cleaner India
NAGPUR, India, 7 March 2016 – Meet the latest member of Team Swachh, a new movement to encourage the use of toilets in India. Vallaja Vasant Zunnake is from Chandrapur, in central India. We caught up with her at a Team Swachh clinic, where she was among a group of sanitation champions who joined Indian cricketers supporting the movement. She told us about the work she has been doing to get people in her family and community to start using toilets.

Just play: Sport in UNICEF Pacific Islands brings children together

US basketball star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF
PRETORIA, South Africa, 29 August 2013 –Kyrie Irving, an All-Star in the United States’ National Basketball Association (NBA), recently concluded a visit to Gauteng, South Africa, where he participated in a variety of educational programs supported by UNICEF’s Schools for Africa initiative.

In Azerbaijan, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira meets with girl footballers to promote girls’ development through education and sport
BAKU, Azerbaijan, 15 October, 2012 – World-famous singer–songwriter and Goodwill Ambassador Shakira recently met with teenage footballers from a UNICEF-supported national girls’ football league. She encouraged the athletes to inspire their peers to grasp their future, including through continuing to seek an education.

Advocates living with HIV and cricketers raise awareness about HIV through the Think Wise campaign
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, 3 October 2012 – Sarath* had been living and working abroad. Until a few years ago, he had also been a successful track and field athlete, competing in 400-metre races and the triple jump. Then he contracted HIV from a sexual partner.

Paralympic athletes and Ban Soon-teak launch the new ‘It’s About Ability’ campaign television commercial
CETINJE, Montenegro, 24 July 2012 – During the visit of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to Montenegro, his wife Ban Soon-teak joined prominent young Paralympic athletes Marijana Goranovic and Ilija Tadic, Minister of Culture Branislav Micunovic, UNICEF Representative in Montenegro Benjamin Perks, Mayor of Cetinje Aleksandar Bogdanovic and Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Vesna Vucurovic in launching the new ‘It’s About Ability’ campaign television commercial in Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro on 22 July 2012.

UNICEF Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United player Ben Amos call for end to abuse of vulnerable children in South Africa
NDWEDWE, South Africa, 18 July 2012 – Manchester United Manager and UNICEF United Kingdom Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson took time out from the club’s pre-season tour of South Africa to learn about the impact of violence and abuse on the country’s orphans and to call on communities to play an active role in protecting vulnerable children.

UNICEF celebrates tenth anniversary of ‘Football for Life’
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, 18 July 2012 – Hundreds of children and adolescents participated in the tenth anniversary of ‘Football for Life’ in Honduras. This programme, supported by the Central District Municipality Mayor’s Office and UNICEF, has provided access to sport, education and health care to more than 40,000 children in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of the capital over the last decade.

In Fiji, a 16-year-old girl living with disabilities beats the odds to achieve her dreams
Suva, Fiji, 13 July 2012 – Sixteen-year-old Vivienne Bale always dreamed of becoming a professional table tennis player.

Zambian youth chosen to be torchbearer in the 2012 London Olympic Games
LUSAKA, Zambia, 29 June 2012 – A Zambian child, through the UNICEF-supported International Inspiration programme, has been selected as one of the 8,000 torchbearers at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

UNICEF-hosted football tournament unites for vulnerable children in Ukraine
KYIV, Ukraine, 4 June 2012 – Last week, UNICEF hosted a football tournament for vulnerable children from Kyiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. The team from Donetsk won the Cup.

Celebrities face off in Soccer Aid match, raising millions for children
MANCHESTER, United Kingdom, 29 May 2012 – It looked like a script from Hollywood: the small lad face-to-face with the six-foot-plus enforcer. American actor Mike Myers was set against the former national football captain and brick wall of England’s defence for the Premier League for Arsenal, Martin Keown.

FC Barcelona and UNICEF strengthen their shared commitment to children's sports and education
BARCELONA, Spain, 11 May 2012 – In an event held yesterday at Camp Nou, the stadium of legendary football team FC Barcelona (FCB), the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF reaffirmed their promise to work together to improve the lives of millions of children through sports and education.

In Pakistan, the 'United Against Polio' football tournament fights the scourge of polio
KARACHI, Pakistan, 29 March 2012 – Amid cheers, the Frontier Mujahid team takes their victory lap. The football team has just defeated National Frontier 2-1 in the final, beating 15 other teams to win the trophy.

In Burundi, guaranteeing children's rights to protection and play
BUJUMBURA, Burundi, 28 February 2012 – Dozens of children are gathered on a vast green field in Maramvya, a district of Buterere in the suburbs of Bujumbura, the capital. The children, including Joseph, 7, Emelyne, 8, and Jean-Claude, 9, are indulging in a once rare activity: play.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham highlights issues of street children on Philippines visit
MANILA, Philippines, 2 December 2011 Visiting children who had formerly lived on the streets, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham spoke about the importance of caring and supportive families.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake meets with Brazilian youth and addresses their concerns
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, 9 November 2011- “Listening to the challenges you face as adolescents, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that you, the adolescents, are the ones most able to find new solutions," said UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake as he addressed a gathering of young people during a recent four-day visit to Brazil, which focused on the promotion of children’s rights through sport and ways in which Brazilian youth are currently empowering themselves in order to meet the growing needs of their communities.

Ensuring quality education for children with disabilities in Cambodia
PREY VENG PROVINCE, Cambodia, 4 November 2011 – Soun Vanna, 13, sits quietly amongst her classmates while she completes the morning’s assignment. Partially deaf, Vanna receives support and encouragement from her teachers at Wath Prasat School, attending classes like any other child her age.

UNICEF-supported Sports for Development programme scores a goal with South African students
SOWETO, South Africa, 29 September 2011 - In its fourth year of implementation at the Senaoane Secondary School in Soweto, the UNICEF-supported programme Sports for Development, has gone a long way in turning around what was once identified as the most ‘critical’ school in Gauteng Province, into a veritable success story.

‘International Inspiration’ initiative helping Mozambique’s vulnerable children develop through sport
SOFALA, Mozambique, 23 August 2011 – The young crowd of students standing on the perimeter of the sandy football pitch erupts into shouts of joy as a goal is scored. In this poor coastal province of Sofala in central Mozambique, football is a game of great dreams and aspiration.

On Texas visit, FC Barcelona stars celebrate renewed partnership with UNICEF
DALLAS, Texas, USA, 8 August 2011 – Appearing before an audience of pint-sized fans, soccer stars David Villa and Thiago Alcántara of Football Club Barcelona came prepared to be questioned.

UNICEF and Special Olympics usher in new era of protection for children with disabilities
ATHENS, Greece, 27 June 2011 – As the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games once again buzzes with the spirit of competition, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake joined cheering athletes, family members and other supporters from around the world who are celebrating the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

Education and sport empower a young woman to pursue her dreams in Timor-Leste
DILI, Timor-Leste, 19 May 2011 – One of few girls on the basketball court, Inácia Aleta Gomes Fernandes, 15, must fight to hold her ground against taller, more aggressive male opponents. She takes a pass from a teammate, dribbles half way down the court and passes to another teammate, who shoots and scores.

In India, a sports programme teaches children life skills in hard-to-reach areas
CHANDRAPUR, India, 16 May 2011 – Laxmi Durge pretends to rinse lentils before a crowd of mesmerized school children. “Now this is how we cook the dahl,” the 18-year-old shouts, as she staggers under the weight of holding an imaginary pot.

Goodwill Ambassador Leo Messi promotes children's right to sport in Costa Rica
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, 19 April 2011 - He is considered the best footballer of his generation. Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi, the Argentine player and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, inspires millions around the world.

Pakistan’s first female football club breaks down cultural barriers
KARACHI, Pakistan, 14 April 2011- On a scorching, early morning in Karachi, a dozen girls - some wearing shawls and burqas in the blistering heat - arrive in a large walled field, ready to practice football. Their eagerness is evident as they enthusiastically remove their burqas to reveal their practice uniforms. Hurriedly, they put on their cleats and run out to the field to meet their head coach, Sadia Sheikh.

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson visits at-risk adolescents in Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 12 April 2011 – Manchester United football legend Bryan Robson stressed the importance of safe recreational spaces for vulnerable and at-risk adolescents during his recent visit to the ‘KL Krash Pad’ – a teen and youth centre located in the inner-city Chow Kit neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur.

'Friendship Games' to bring Haitian and Dominican youth together
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, 29 March 2011 – Soccer is being used as a way to foster friendship and understanding between children in the neighbouring countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

UNICEF and world-class cricketers team up to battle HIV and AIDS
NEW YORK, USA, 25 January 2011 – As fans around the world count down to the ICC Cricket World Cup beginning on 19 February with a match in Bangladesh, players and squads from the 14 competing countries are teaming up to help combat the AIDS epidemic.

UNICEF-sponsored Tour du Burkina Faso pedals a message of child survival
OUGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso, 18 November 2010 – The recent 24th edition of the Tour du Burkina Faso was a great opportunity for UNICEF to communicate messages on child survival. More than 4 million Burkinabe received information on critical family practices as the tour passed through their towns and villages.

UNICEF supports a pitch for peace at cricket camp in war-torn Afghanistan
JALALABAD, Afghanistan, 15 November 2010 – In a city where girls are rarely seen on the streets without burquas, this past 11 October marked a special day for 140 girls here, as they donned cricket whites and took to the pitch to learn the basics of batting and bowling.

In Angola, UNICEF-supported programmes spread HIV awareness through sports
VIANA, Angola, 21 October 2010 – If it's Saturday, there’s football in Angola. Today the match is a derby between the ‘Black Eagles’ and ‘Otrack’ – both local girls’ teams.

In Syria, regional Special Olympics games empower children living with disabilities
DAMASCUS, Syria, 11 October 2010 – Like other countries in this region, Syria has long wrestled with how best to meet the needs of its citizens living with disabilities. The seventh Middle East and North Africa Regional Special Olympics, held recently in Damascus, indicated that Syria has chosen to celebrate persons with disabilities and work towards inclusiveness.

Sports programmes lift youth spirits in post-earthquake Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, 29 September 2010 - Fifteen year-old Simeon Kenson has a lot of worries.

In Singapore, inaugural Youth Olympic Games provide competition and inspiration
SINGAPORE, 27 August 2010 – As the first-ever Youth Olympic Games comes to a close, a young female athlete quietly traces the outline of her hand on a piece of paper and writes, “I have a right to be educated and to play any sports I like.”

Goodwill Ambassador Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona visit quake-affected China
BEIJING, China, 11 August 2010 – While in Beijing, players from Football Club Barcelona took time out of their training schedule to meet a group of children from earthquake-affected Mianzhu county in China’s Sichuan province.

UNICEF Spain Ambassador and NBA star Pau Gasol visits children in Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, 26 July 2010 – Los Angeles Lakers basketball star and UNICEF Spain Ambassador Pau Gasol has just spent a week visiting UNICEF-supported education, nutrition and child protection programmes in Ethiopia – and sharing his time with children who live under very difficult conditions here.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lionel 'Leo' Messi visits earthquake-ravaged Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, 16 July 2010 – For the people of Port-au-Prince, the last six months have been fraught with difficulties in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake that left their lives in shambles. But while the images out of Haiti still show displacement and poverty, they were replaced yesterday – at least for a few hours – by a sense of uncontainable excitement, as Haitians poured into the streets to greet UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi.

'Hermano' production company partners with UNICEF on violence prevention in Venezuela
NEW YORK, USA, 15 July 2010 – The UNICEF-supported film, ‘Hermano’ – which last month won the Grand Prix for Best Film at the International Film Festival in Moscow, as well as the audience and critics’ prizes – will now be used to help spur conversations about violence prevention in Venezuela’s poor urban communities.

Goodwill Ambassador Leo Messi, star footballer, in new video spot on child rights
NEW YORK, USA, 29 June 2010 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi, one of the biggest stars in football, has recorded a new public service announcement to raise awareness about children’s rights and promote equity.

South Asian cricketers bowl UNICEF's 'healthy hat trick' for children
DAMBULLA, Sri Lanka, 24 June, 2010 – Besides batting overs, taking runs and losing innings, South Asia’s top cricketers were bowling a hat trick of another kind during the Asia Cup – which wrapped up here today as India prevailed over Sri Lanka in the final match.

Rwandan student films premier during FIFA World Cup 2010
GISENYI, Rwanda, 23 June 2010 – Aspiring filmmakers in a remote village in Rwanda now have an exciting opportunity to share their vision of the world.

Protecting South Africa's children during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond
SOWETO, South Africa, 18 June 2010 – As the most-watched sports event worldwide, the FIFA World Cup 2010 is expected to attract more than a billion television viewers around the world. Across the host country, South Africa, fan parks known as FIFA ‘Fan Fests’ have set up huge TV screens and stages for live entertainment.

Special Olympics Indonesia and UNICEF promote social inclusion
JAKARTA, Indonesia, 14 June 2010 – The sun was just rising over a Jakarta sports stadium one recent morning when Juliwati Japi, 16, arrived for her regular training session, organized by Special Olympics Indonesia.

As FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off, Zambian youth journalists speak out
MONGU, Zambia, 11 June 2010 – For Inonge Sitali, 14, a radio dialogue with peers about the FIFA World Cup 2010 – which kicked off today in South Africa – is more than a casual conversation. It is an opportunity to discuss important gender issues in her local community of Mongu, in western Zambia.

'Brothers for Life' media campaign to raise HIV awareness in South Africa
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 2 June 2010 – ‘Brothers for Life,’ a mass-media HIV prevention campaign targeting South African men, received a boost recently as a number of world-class sports personalities signed on as supporters.

South African children count down to FIFA World Cup 2010
HUHUNDI, South Africa, 2 June 2010 – A group of young gymnasts bend their torsos to the beat of the music, clapping and spinning in unison. The ‘discy dance’ is a new national pastime in a country feverishly approaching the FIFA World Cup 2010, which kicks off here next week.

In Trinidad and Tobago, 'International Inspiration' programme guides young leaders
PIARCO, Trinidad and Tobago, 19 May 2010 – Last winter, as their airplane took off for chilly Vancouver, Trinidadian schoolmates Mikyle Chaitsingh and DiAndra Joseph could scarcely believe where they were headed.

In Sri Lanka, cricket leadership programme helps former child soldiers
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, 11 May 2010 – Gopi, 16, makes a dash and lunges to take the catch. “You’re out!” she yells. Elated, with her short hair bobbing from under her cap, she joins the rest of her team to celebrate the victory.

UNICEF launches ‘Galz and Goals’ programme to promote sport for girls in Namibia
WINDHOEK, Namibia, 10 November 2009 – UNICEF and the Namibia Football Association (NFA) have launched a programme in Windhoek to help get more Namibian girls playing sport.

Cricket stars raise awareness about HIV in South Africa
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 13 October 2009 – Famed Sri Lankan cricketers Kumar Sangakkara, Angelo Mathews, Chamara Kapugedera and Lasith Malinga recently visited young people living with HIV at the WITSECHO Adolescent Sprint Holiday Programme near Johannesburg, South Africa.

UNICEF Children's Rights Award inaugurated at 'Beyond Sport' summit in London
LONDON, United Kingdom, 10 July 2009 – As the inaugural 'Beyond Sport' summit took place in London this week, UNICEF presented a special award for an inspirational project that uses sport to ensure children's rights.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors call for children to be at the centre of the UEFA Champions League Final
ROME, Italy, 18 June 2009 – It is the night of the champions, hosted by Rome, Italy. It’s the match of the century, and everything will happen in ninety minutes. At the first whistle, two great teams will face off, teams from two very different nations, with two different football philosophies, but with some of the greatest football talents between them.

UNICEF and FC Barcelona champion vulnerable children in new photo exhibit
NEW YORK, USA, 11 June 2009 – Fresh from their 2009 Champions League victory, Futbol Club Barcelona yesterday launched a photography exhibition to raise awareness about the team's other passion – the lives of young people living with HIV.

Manchester United and FC Barcelona: Football rivals unite against AIDS
ROME, Italy, 27 May 2009 – The eyes of the world will be on Rome as our two clubs, Manchester United and FC Barcelona meet in the UEFA Champions League Final for the first time in our histories.

`GameChangers’ winners announced: Supporting girls and women through sport
NEW YORK, USA, 6 May 2009 – For the second consecutive year, UNICEF has supported an online sport-for-development competition organized by Ashoka, an international network of social entrepreneurs, and sponsored by Nike. The winners were announced recently.

‘GameChangers’ competition advances opportunities for girls and women through sport
NEW YORK, USA, 17 February 2009 – Last year, UNICEF supported an online competition, ‘Changemakers: Sport for a Better World’, organized by Ashoka, an international network of social entrepreneurs. This year, UNICEF is supporting Changemakers – Ashoka's online community – in a new initiative called ‘GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport’.

‘Beyond Sport’ teams up with UNICEF for Children’s Rights Award nominations
NEW YORK, USA, 17 February 2009 – The search is on to find the world’s most inspirational sport programmes.

Cricket stars visit centre for drug users to raise AIDS awareness in Bangladesh
DHAKA, Bangladesh, 15 January 2009 - Bilash regularly visits the UNICEF-supported Naya Bazaar drop-in centre, in Dhaka city, to receive help for his drug addiction. But even in his wildest dreams, the 11-year-old never expected to meet the captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team there.

Palestinian children exercise their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games
WEST BANK, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 5 December 2008 – Hundreds of Palestinian children from various cities, villages and refugee camps came to Ramallah to celebrate Global Peace Day by exercising their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth, held at Majed Al Asad stadium.

The Great Ethiopian Run raises fund for orphans and vulnerable children
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, 4 December 2008 - At the crack of dawn, 32,000 registered participants came together in Maskal Square to participate in Africa’s biggest 10 km road race – the Great Ethiopian Run. UNICEF and the Great Ethiopian Run have been partners for the past three years, committed to fighting HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

Sports support children’s reintegration into conflict-affected communities in Uganda
LIRA DISTRICT, Uganda, 29 September 2008 – During years of civil conflict in northern Uganda, schools were closed and entire communities were moved to safety in displacement camps. Now, with a fragile peace returning to Lira District, families are going back to their homes and schools are reopening.

UNICEF/Barcelona FC partnership has impact around the world
NEW YORK, USA, 22 August 2008 – In an international friendly exhibition game, UNICEF partner Barcelona Football Club last week defeated the New York Red Bulls by a score of 6-2 before a delirious crowd.

The power of football to improve young lives
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, 11 August 2008 - When he scored against host country Spain in the 1982 FIFA Wold Cup, Héctor Zelaya grabbed the attention of football fans worldwide. Today, in his home country of Honduras, his influence on the lives of children is no less profound.

Goodwill Ambassador Kanu Nwankwo promotes ‘Football for Hope’ in Lagos, Nigeria
LAGOS, Nigeria, 6 August 2008 – In the township of Agege, hundreds of excited children gathered to meet Nigerian football star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nwankwo Kanu. Nwankwo’s appearance marked the end of the first phase of ‘Project Excel’ – a joint venture of FIFA’s ‘Football for Hope’, Search and Groom Youth Development Centre and UNICEF.

Manchester United stars and UNICEF team up against AIDS in Sierra Leone
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, 26 June 2008 – Sierra Leone’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Dr. Minkailu Bah, has launched a Manchester United-supported HIV/AIDS awareness campaign at the National Stadium in Freetown, the capital.

Rwandan children learn and play to celebrate Day of the African Child
KIGALI, Rwanda, 17 June 2008 – At sports events, school assemblies and cultural gatherings throughout the nation, children and adults celebrated the Day of the African Child this week. The continent-wide holiday commemorates the spirit of the South African children who sparked the Soweto uprising of 1976 – many of whom gave their lives.

Costa Rican children score a goal against adversity
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, 17 April 2008 – Under the theme ‘A goal against adversity’, 180 poor adolescents from all over the country met in the National Stadium of Costa Rica to participate in the Second Presidential Delegates Tournament. The event was held to promote child and adolescent rights, especially for children who are victims of abuse and exclusion.

Ghanaian footballer Stephen Appiah promotes education on surprise visit to former school
ACCRA, Ghana, 13 February – Stephen Appiah, one of the best known footballers in Ghana, made a surprise visit to his former primary school to emphasise the importance of education in this West African nation.

Youth reporters promote education during the MTN Africa Cup of Nations, GHANA 2008
ACCRA, Ghana, 1 February 2008 – Edith Asamani, 17 and Stephen Iseh, 14, are two of the youth reporters based in Accra who have joined UNICEF to raise awareness of the ‘Quality Education for All Children’ campaign during the MTN Africa Cup of Nations, GHANA 2008.

UNICEF and Confederation of African Football unite to promote quality education for all
UNICEF and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) have united in a joint campaign to harness the power of football during the MTN Africa Cup of Nations, GHANA 2008 – Africa’s biggest international football competition. The campaign seeks to promote quality education for all of Africa’s children.

In partnership with UNICEF, delegates from Fútbol Club Barcelona visit Swaziland
NKAMBENI, Swaziland, 13 December 2007 – A ball made from plastic bags is not among the usual equipment used by professional footballers. However, that didn’t stop members of the renowned Fútbol Club Barcelona from joining in a pickup game with children at a 'Neighbourhood Care Point' for orphans and vulnerable children during a two-day visit to Swaziland earlier this month.

Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve makes NASCAR debut to support children
TORONTO, Canada, 8 October 2007 – NASCAR driver Jaques Villeneuve went the extra mile for UNICEF Canada yesterday, making his Nextel Cup debut at the famous Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, USA. His Toyota Camry, car number 27, was wrapped in blue to represent UNICEF Canada.

UNICEF and Special Olympics partner in China to raise disability awareness
SHANGHAI, China, 3 October 2007 – Competitors from over 160 countries converged on Shanghai this week as the city offered up a glowing welcome for the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

Basketball star Sam Dalembert brings hope and encouragement to Haitian children
PORT-AU-PRINCE, 25 September 2007 – US National Basketball Association star and Philadelphia 76ers centre Samuel Dalembert has just completed a one-week visit to his native country, Haiti, where he spread the message of hope and encouragement to thousands of vulnerable children and women.

Footballer Marcel Desailly teaches girls in Ghana about success on and off the field
TAMALE CITY, Ghana, 26 September 2007 – Accomplished football player and Goodwill Ambassador Marcel Desailly recently visited the Northern Region of Ghana with UNICEF to encourage children, especially young girls, to play football and go to school.

ICC Twenty20 championship finals boost global AIDS campaign
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 24 September 2007 – The first-ever ICC Twenty20 competition came to a climax today, transforming the image of cricket and raising awareness about how children are affected by HIV and AIDS.

NBA star Samuel Dalembert returns home to Haiti to support UNICEF
On September 15th, Sam Dalembert, elite basketball star and Philadelphia 76ers centre, will return to his native country to learn more about UNICEF’s work in Haiti.

Cricket chief Malcolm Speed promotes ‘the power of sport’ to fight HIV/AIDS
CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 18 September 2007 – International Cricket Council (ICC) chief Malcolm Speed went to bat against HIV and AIDS at the weekend and challenged South African children to take up cricket.

FIFA-UNICEF campaign under way to break down gender barriers in schools
SHANGHAI, China, 13 September, 2007 – Eriko Arakawa, 27, fell in love with football at a very early age. “When I was five years old, I used to hear the sound of my older brother playing with his football – throwing it and dribbling it. I really liked that sound and I knew I wanted to play, too,” she recalls.

ICC Twenty 20 cricket contest goes to bat against AIDS
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 12 September 2007 – The worlds of cricket and AIDS prevention united for children yesterday at the start of the ICC World Twenty 20 tournament.

Guinea-Bissau school rehab programme: A better chance for girls and boys alike
CANCHUNGO, Guinea-Bissau, September 2007 – Isabel introduces herself very shyly: “My name is Isabel Luís Gomes. I am 15 years old and I always studied in the Cunha Gomes School. I am a sixth grade student. I should be almost finishing school, but unfortunately I was enrolled late.”

New Zealand cricketers visit ‘Little Champs’ in Johannesburg township
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 6 September 2007 – It was all song and dance as sporting heroes from the cricketing world arrived at the Little Champs Sports Academy in Alexandra township.

Goodwill Ambassador Marcel Desailly encourages children in Ghana to go to school
SAVELUGU/NANTON DISTRICT, Ghana, 5 September 2007 – UNICEF Ghana recently designated their very first Goodwill Ambassador: accomplished football player Marcel Desailly.

Cricket stars back global AIDS campaign
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 5 September 2007 – The world’s top cricket stars will support the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign at the ICC World Twenty 20 tournament in South Africa from 11-24 September.

Football helps girls in Brazil put exploitation behind them
OLINDA, Brazil, 31 August 2007 – For 15 years, UNICEF Brazil has supported the Environment and Citizenship Project here in the city of Olinda. Developed by the municipal government, the project offers sport- and music-related activities to girls and boys who have been involved in child labour or are in danger of being exploited.

Indian Ocean Games provide a platform for peer-to-peer education
ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, 24 August 2007 – Madagascar has just finished playing host to the Indian Ocean Games, a regional version of the Olympics, which ended on 19 August.

In Japan, FC Barcelona raises AIDS awareness and support for children at risk
YOKOHAMA, Japan, 9 August 2007 – Thousands of FC Barcelona fans walked into Nissan Stadium earlier this week dressed in their team jerseys, eager to see football stars such as Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o and the squad’s latest addition, Thierry Henry, in action.

Child-friendly schools give hope to a young girl in El Alto, Bolivia
EL ALTO, Bolivia, 6 August 2007 – Mariela Mamani lives in Villa Tunari, one of the most populous areas in El Alto, Bolivia. In the vast neighborhoods that seem pressed into the soil of the high plain, it is easy to get lost.

After the Copa América, Venezuelan children relive the joy of a dream come true
MARACAIBO, Venezuela, 19 July 2007 – During this year’s Copa América, the oldest football tournament in the world, more than 570 Venezuelan children had a chance to take the field hand-in-hand with their favorite football players.

NBA star and Goodwill Ambassador Pau Gasol visits HIV-affected children in Angola
MADRID/LUANDA, Angola, 18 July 2007  US National Basketball Association superstar and UNICEF Spain Goodwill Ambassador Pau Gasol recently visited Angola to see firsthand the country’s fight against HIV/AIDS and UNICEF’s programmes to support children and families affected by the disease.

In South Africa, FC Barcelona and friendly rivals score new goals for children
PRETORIA, South Africa , 22 June 2007 – There was Spanish flamenco dancing, African drumming and the unique trumpeting of the South African ‘vuvuzela’ or air horn – called football’s beautiful noise here.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 hits a six for children affected by AIDS
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, 30 April 2007 – As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 drew to a close, the battle to help children affected by AIDS gathered new momentum thanks to the unique partnership between the International Cricket Council, UNICEF, UNAIDS and the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS.

England’s bowler Stuart Broad visits UNICEF project at Barbados primary school
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, 13 April 2007 – Students participating in the Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School Positive Lifestyle Cricket Fest were recently given a special treat. One of the English cricket team’s fast bowlers, Stuart Broad, took part in their inter-school cricket competition.

ICC top umpire and most experienced Match Referee call foul on AIDS stigma
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, 13 April 2007 – Sport is a great leveller that allows people to take part in healthy, life-enhancing activities. But sadly, that is not the case for people living with HIV and AIDS – especially children. Each day young people with HIV suffer the stigma associated with the disease and are marginalized in all parts of their lives, including sports.

South African match referee meets with young HIV/AIDS activists in Antigua
ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, 10 April 2007 – Mike Procter, a former member of the South African cricket team and current International Cricket Council (ICC) Match Referee, officiated at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches played in Antigua over the past two weeks.

Young Malaysian footballers go on the offensive against HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 10 April 2007 – Shawn Daniels, 16, holds a teammate in a headlock, refusing to let go. Instead of coming to the aid of Shawn’s captive, the rest of the team looks on and laughs.

West Indies cricket team receives warm welcome from young cricket players in Guyana
TIMEHRI, Guyana, 3 April 2007 – Under banners proclaiming Unite for Children Unite against AIDS, young cricketers from across Guyana welcomed the West Indies cricket team as they arrived at Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Timehri last week.

South African cricket team visits community health centre in Guyana
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, 2 April 2007 – "Every wicket counts in cricket and it's the same with the fight against HIV and AIDS. Everybody's contribution makes a difference," said UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Guyana and Suriname, Dr. Ruben del Prado. He spoke during a visit by members of the South African cricket team to the Dorothy Bailey Health Centre in Georgetown.

Irish cricketer visits Jamaican programme for people with disabilities
SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica, 28 March 2007 - In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, Ireland is probably the team that best knows what it is to beat the odds. Having prevailed over Pakistan and tied with Zimbabwe during the group stage matches, they made their first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup appearance.

New Zealand cricketer encourages Antiguan youths
ANTIGUA, 27 March 2007 – As the New Zealand cricket team began their workouts in Antigua for the Super Eight round of the ICC World Cup 2007, Blackcap Ross Taylor visited local youths involved in the UNICEF-sponsored Health and Family Life Education Programme here.

Australian cricketers visit teen mother programme in St. Kitts
BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, 23 March 2007 – Australian cricketers visited a teen mother programme here as part of the ICC Cricket World Cup alliance between the International Cricket Council, UNAIDS, UNICEF and the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS.

Bangladesh and Bermuda cricketers stamp out HIV/AIDS stigma
ARANGUEZ, Trinidad, 23 March 2007 – ICC World Cup 2007 cricketers from Bangladesh and Bermuda teamed up with children and young people in Trinidad on Thursday to help break the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Sri Lankan cricketer treats Trinidadian children to ICC Cricket World Cup 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, 22 March 2007 – Wednesday was a special day for the children of the Cyril Ross Nursery in Tunapuna, just outside the Trinidadian capital, Port of Spain. The Nursery is well known in Trinidad as home to 38 children – 36 of them living with HIV.

Indian cricket star brings message of hope to Trinidad youths
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, 21 March 2007 – They came from all over the community of Gonzales – schoolchildren, local residents, young cricketers and youth groups – drawn to a playing field for a visit from one of the greatest batsmen of all time, India’s Sachin Tendulkar.

Netherlands cricketers support AIDS awareness in St. Kitts
ST. KITTS, Eastern Caribbean, 21 March 2007 – Two members of the Netherlands cricket team showed their support for the global Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS campaign on Tuesday by visiting two day care centres in St. Kitts, one of the islands hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

Zimbabwean cricket star visits Jamaican youth centre
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 19 March 2007 – Following an impressive knock of 67 runs against Ireland in a match that ended in a thrilling tie at Jamaica’s Sabina Park, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Zimbabwe’s opening batsman, took time off on Friday to do the other thing he enjoys – helping children.

Sri Lankan cricket star brings a message of hope to children in Trinidad
TUNAPUNA, Trinidad, 19 March 2007 – “Hi Uncle Kumar,” shouted the children of the Cyril Ross Nursery as they welcomed Sri Lankan cricket star Kumar Sangakkara to their home here, just outside Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Scottish cricket players visit St. Kitts teens involved in HIV/AIDS prevention project
ST. KITTS, 19 March 2007 – It has often been said that youth hold the solutions to many of the problems that they face.

Kenyan and Canadian cricketers visit Boys’ Training Centre in St. Lucia
CASTRIES, St. Lucia, 16 March 2007 – Twenty-seven young boys living away from their homes and families – some abused or abandoned, others in conflict with the law – got a special treat when cricketers from the Kenyan and Canadian teams took time from their busy schedules to visit the UNICEF-supported Boys’ Training Centre in Gros Islet, St. Lucia, where the boys stay.

Cricket CEO visits project promoting safe sex and abstinence in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 15 March 2007 – Seven weeks of competition in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 began on Tuesday with a victory by the West Indies over Pakistan in front of a record crowd of over 16,000 at Jamaica’s Sabina Park.

United against AIDS at the opening of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica, 12 March 2007 – The worldwide audience that watched the opening ceremony of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup 2007 on Sunday witnessed a defining moment in sport.

ICC cricket mascot Mello tours Guyana to raise AIDS awareness
NEW YORK, USA, 9 March 2007 – Mello, the official mascot of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, arrived at Guyana’s Timehri International Airport recently, greeted by the sounds of traditional Caribbean steel drum music and a throng of young fans.

ICC Cricket World Cup begins, highlighting the needs of children affected by AIDS
NEW YORK, USA, 12 March 2007 – Cricket’s largest and most prestigious event, the ICC Cricket World Cup, officially kicked off in Jamaica this weekend with a colourful ceremony featuring 10,000 spectators and over 2,000 performers.

Uganda Kids League in exhibition match with FC Barcelona cadet team
BARCELONA, Spain, 2 February 2007 – Amongst the TV cameras and photographers, 16 boys from Uganda shivered in the cold and rain but waited patiently. When the moment arrived, they walked out onto the pitch in Camp Nou – the stadium of Football Club Barcelona – and the crowd roared in appreciation.

On World AIDS Day, children inspire new partnerships to fight HIV
NEW YORK, USA, 30 November 2006 – Twenty-five years after the first case of AIDS was recorded, the impact of the disease on children and young people is inspiring creative new partnerships to create an HIV-free generation.

Sports programme helps children fight AIDS and abuse in Zimbabwe
MUTARE, Zimbabwe, 9 November 2006 – Betty Mahomva, 9, ties her hair into a ponytail, stretches her legs and concentrates. She and her classmates are playing a game, but they are also learning an important lesson – how to avoid HIV/AIDS.

Tennis ace Serena Williams supports Ghana’s biggest health campaign
NUNGUA-ZONGO, Ghana, 6 November 2006 – For families across Ghana, yesterday was the day to get their young children immunized against deadly childhood diseases, boost their immunity against illness and receive free mosquito nets to help prevent malaria. It was the conclusion of the country’s week-long national integrated child health campaign, the largest such effort in Ghana to date.

South African cricketers instil hope in the lives of Indian children affected by HIV
AHMEDABAD, India, 27 October 2006 – South African cricket players Shaun Pollock, AB De Villiers, Andrew Hall and Jonty Rohdes recently visited India – not to play cricket games, but to spend time with children affected by HIV.

Goodwill Ambassador Roger Federer’s ‘Feder-bear’ makes its debut
NEW YORK, USA, 8 September 2006 – With his bid for a third consecutive U.S. Open championship in full swing, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Roger Federer has served up an ace for children everywhere. ATP, governing body of professional tennis, has announced that the ‘Feder-bear’ Beanie Baby® will be available for purchase this holiday season.

FC Barcelona-UNICEF alliance kicks off with help for children affected by HIV
NEW YORK, USA, 7 September 2006 – Futbol Club Barcelona kicked off a new global alliance with UNICEF today at a press conference in New York. The partnership, benefiting children across the developing world, will focus on those affected by HIV/AIDS in Swaziland during its first year.

On tour to raise AIDS awareness, Manchester United players meet Nelson Mandela
LONDON, England, 20 July 2006 – Manchester United team manager and UNICEF UK Ambassador Sir Alex Ferguson and his squad met with former South African President Nelson Mandela at the offices of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg yesterday.

Children are the real World Cup winners
NEW YORK, USA, 10 July 2006 – Children around the world joined Italy in celebrating victory at the 2006 FIFA World Cup on Sunday.

Football brings welcome relief for young people in Iraq
NEW YORK, USA, 7 July 2006 – Despite the violence and chaos that have plagued Iraq in recent years (not to mention the sporadic supply of electricity), Iraqi football fans have been riveted by TV broadcasts of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

UNICEF supports ‘No to Racism Days’ campaign at the 2006 FIFA World Cup
BERLIN, Germany, 28 June 2006 – As football fans around the world took two days off from the excitement and the spirit of competition at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, UNICEF and FIFA – along with prominent members of the German Government and world sporting associations – met at the Olympic Stadium in the German capital to decry racial divisiveness.

Angolan World Cup players back child immunization drive
LUANDA, Angola, 21 June 2006 – With excitement about the 2006 FIFA World Cup at a peak, Angolan star players are among the most recognizable role models here, inspiring a sense of achievement much appreciated in this war-ravaged country.

NBA and UNICEF promote AIDS education through sports in China
SHANGHAI, China, 20 June 2006 – UNICEF has teamed up with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to distribute HIV/AIDS education materials in sports kits to schools in seven provinces in China.

Team UNICEF scores in opening days of 2006 FIFA World Cup
MUNICH, Germany, 12 June 2006 – The majority of Costa Rican fans attending the 2006 FIFA World Cup opening match on Friday may have occupied just a corner of Munich’s football stadium, but their voices resonated beyond the pitch when 'Team UNICEF' player Paolo Wanchope of Costa Rica scored two goals.

The power of football: UNICEF and FIFA unite for children
NEW YORK, USA, 9 June 2006 – UNICEF and FIFA kicked off the 2006 FIFA World Cup today, calling on football fans around the world to UNITE FOR CHILDREN  UNITE FOR PEACE.

UK ‘Soccer Aid’ charity event raises more than £2 million for UNICEF
NEW YORK, USA, 5 June 2006 – A charity soccer match in England has raised more than £2 million ($3.7 million) for UNICEF after 72,000 soccer fans poured into Old Trafford stadium, home of Manchester United, to watch two celebrity teams in action.

Malaysian women’s futsal tournament promotes healthy living
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 22 May 2006 – For hundreds of girls and women from all over Malaysia, the ‘3R’-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs were a chance to meet and share stories, build self-esteem and, of course, compete in the largest women’s-only futsal (indoor football) tournament in Malaysia.

Girl’s football programme scores hit against HIV in Kenya
NAIROBI, Kenya, 12 May 2006 – Africa’s biggest youth sports organization is taking a leading role in educating girls about HIV/AIDS. Backed by UNICEF, the Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) helps them develop life skills and provides information on how to stop the disease from spreading.

Carl Lewis jump-starts ‘School without Violence’ campaign in Serbia
BELGRADE, Serbia, 10 May 2006 – Track-and-field legend and nine-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Carl Lewis joined UNICEF in Serbia during this year’s recent Belgrade Marathon to promote the country’s ‘School without Violence’ programme.

UNICEF and FIFA’s ‘Teenagers Always Win!’ campaign: a success in Peru
LIMA, 5 October 2005 – The ‘Teenagers Always Win!’ campaign, an alliance between UNICEF and FIFA – international football’s governing body – ended on Saturday, 1 October 2005. FIFA President Joseph Blatter and UNICEF’s Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Nils Kastberg, brought the campaign to a close with an entertaining and informal discussion attended by teenagers selected from the different venues where the Under-17 World Cup was played.

Basketball camp builds a better future
NEW YORK, 1 September 2005 – They came from 30 counties across Europe. 50 of the continent’s most promising under-18 basketball players gathered in the northern Italian city of Treviso - just outside Venice - to participate in Basketball without Borders.

UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy to address 10th World Sport for All Congress
NEW YORK/ROME, 11 November 2004 – UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy is in Rome, Italy to address the 10th World Sport for All Congress. The main theme of the Congress is ‘Sport for all as a tool for education and development’.

Manchester United stars speak out for children in UNICEF TV campaign
Monday 8 November, 2004 - Manchester United soccer players, displaying their continued commitment to UNICEF, recorded a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) aimed at delivering key messages regarding UNICEF’s priority for all children across the world.

2005: Year of Sport
NEW YORK, 5 November 2004 - Today in a press conference at the United Nations, the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced that the UN General Assembly has designated 2005 as the International Year of Sport and Physical Education and unveiled plans for a year-long push to highlight the power of sport to bridge cultural and ethnic divides and improve people’s lives.

International Badminton Federation joins forces with UNICEF
LAUSANNE, 19 October 2004 – The International Badminton Federation (IBF) and UNICEF are pleased to announce the launch of their new global alliance. The new partnership between IBF and UNICEF was officially unveiled on 5 October at the International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Real lives
NEW YORK, 19 October 2004 – In the tiny East African nation of Djibouti, almost every boy plays football. But cultural traditions do not encourage girls to participate in sports. Therefore it is very unusual to find a young girl who avidly plays football. Deka, who started playing football at the age of three, is one such girl.

Football fights AIDS and drug abuse
BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan/NEW YORK, 20 September 2004 – Under the slogan “Kyrgyz Young Football Players Against Drugs and HIV/AIDS,” the final of the Kyrgyz President’s Cup 2004 – the biggest young people’s football tournament in Kyrgyzstan – brought to a conclusion a successful campaign to raise public awareness of key issues for young people. A key goal of the campaign was to stimulate action to help create a healthy environment for young people, allowing them to develop to their full potential.

Football spurs girls’ education in West Bengal
NEW DELHI, India, 1 September 2004 – FIFA, the international football governing body, is donating 65 sports-in-a-box kits to the UNICEF West Bengal office to help support girls’ education and their right to play. Girls in most villages have hardly ever participated in outdoor sports; they will now have the opportunity to form teams and play football regularly.

Gold Medal for “Champions for Children’s Rights”
ATHENS/NEW YORK, 13 August 2004 – UNICEF, in cooperation with the Athens 2004 Olympic Organizing Committee (ATHOC) is providing an opportunity for 450 young athletes to become ‘Champions for Children’s Rights’, during the 16-day Olympic Youth Camps being held at the Olympic Games.

Asian girls scoring high during Asia Cup
COLOMBO, 27 July 2004 – Girls in South Asia are scoring high as cricket fans celebrate their team’s successes by waving ‘Fair Play for Girls’ placards, during this year’s Asia Cup.

Young champion to carry Olympic flame in Moscow
MOSCOW, 3 July 2004 – Sergei Pavlov, 16, today becomes the second of the three torchbearers selected by UNICEF to participate in the global Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay, as the Relay visits Moscow.

Real lives
Hayablé (Balbala) – Southern suburb of Djibouti’s capital city, June 2004- Born into a family of 9 siblings, Fatouma Osman is 23 years old. She is one of the few girls in her neighborhood who are into sports in general, soccer in particular.

LIMA, 22 June 2004 - A few days before the start of the America Cup/Peru 2004, the organizers, the official sponsors and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) announced jointly that Peruvian children would be among the big winners of this sporting event.  With a campaign entitled ¡Con los niños sí se gana! (You Win with Children!), UNICEF and the South American Soccer Federation (CONMEBOL) have agreed to dedicate the Copa América 2004 to the children of the host country, Peru, though a series of activities designed to guarantee good soccer by promoting child development.

Child labour activist runs in Olympic Torch Relay
This is the story of Núbia, one of three torchbearers selected by UNICEF to participate in the global 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.




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