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Photo: Kurdish girl. Iraq, 1997. Copyright Sebastiao Salgado/Amazonas
Photo: Kurdish girl. Iraq, 1997. Copyright Sebastiao Salgado/Amazonas

This page is background information, last updated in May 2002 and still available for reference. For the latest on the Special Session on Children, please go to the Special Session index.

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What you can do

Global Movement for Children

The "Global Movement for Children" is a call to leadership and action on behalf of children everywhere. Former South African president Nelson Mandela and his wife, Graça Machel, the former Minister of Education of Mozambique, are leading the Global Movement for Children. Other world leaders include the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, President Kim Dae-Jung of Korea and Queen Rania of Jordan, have joined the movement through pledging support for the Say Yes for Children campaign. A host of celebrities and sporting heroes have also signed up, from Susan Sarandon to Robbie Williams, Manchester United, Sesame Street and children's storybook character, Pinocchio. You can join too.

What Can You Do?
  • SAY YES: Sign a pledge supporting young people and add your voice to the thousands of others calling upon world leaders to create a world fit for children.[link to Say yes]
  • BE AWARE: Every child has rights and your national and local community will not thrive unless children, who hold the very key to the future, are empowered.
  • LEARN MORE: Find out how children in your corner of the world are affected by poverty, discrimination, ignorance, labour and exploitation, life-threatening diseases, the environment and other factors affecting their development. Share your outrage and hope with others.
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY: Realize that the well-being of children is everyone's responsibility.
  • BE HEARD: Voice your concerns about children's rights in your community to your local, regional and national government leaders.
  • TAKE ACTION: Support projects by groups and individuals who are part of the Global Movement for Children. Stay tuned to that site for the latest from the Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • VOLUNTEER: Sign up with a local or international children's rights advocacy group or spend time improving the situation of children and families in your neighborhood.
  • REACH OUT: Hold your national and local leaders accountable for the state of children's lives in your country. Extend the same mantle of responsibility to the media, non-governmental groups and religious organizations.
  • KEEP CHILDREN IN MIND: Examine the impact your business decisions might have on children around the world. Protect the children of your employees and co-workers.

In these simple yet profound ways, each one of us can become an ambassador for children. Join forces with other child rights advocates by sending in your pledge for the well-being of young people through the "Say Yes" campaign and send a strong message of support to world leaders.

UNICEF is one of the founding partners of the Global Movement for Children.

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