The children and women of Yemen face many challenges in a country that is often isolated, both geographically and culturally, from the international community. Yemen is an ancient society, yet children make up nearly half of its population - and they are struggling to survive in the modern world.

Within the region, Yemen is at the bottom of most human development indicators. One in 10 children dies before his or her fifth birthday. Health coverage is low for the largely rural population, and the rugged terrain makes it difficult to reach the most vulnerable. Although more children are going to school than ever before, many girls still receive no education and two-thirds of the nation's women are illiterate. Uneducated and poor, many children must also work. At least 10 per cent of the workforce is made up of children.

“We need to develop programmes and raise funds to help Yemen achieve all of the Millennium Development Goals,” says UNICEF Representative Aboudou Karimou Adjibadé. “Yemen is accountable [and] must report back to the international community on what it has done to achieve all of these goals.”  UNICEF is working with the government and its partners to meet the MDG targets and ensure a better future for Yemen and its children.

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Girls attend a local primary school in the district of Bait Al Faqueeh in Hodeidah Governorate.