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2011 ICDB Audio and Video Materials

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The ICDB logos are available for use in broadcast, print and online publicity for the International Children's Day of Broadcasting.  Please email for the materials.

Video Materials

This year, UNICEF offers a series of youth-produced work related to children's rights for use in your ICDB productions.  The videos are available for download and they can also be acquired through your local UNICEF office.  Please email for information on how to obtain this material, which includes:

1. One Minutes Jr.: Girls Are... Boys Are... Series (39:00)
Theoneminutesjr. is a project produced by UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation that allows young people to express themselves through one minute vidoes.  This collection features videos that young people produced in workshops UNICEF held in countries around the world.  Many of the videos are self-portraits of girls and boys, while others deal with issues of gender.
Download list of films in compilation:  Word | PDF

2. I Have Something to Tell You: Voices of Liberian Girls (16:00)
This short film gives voice to a group of 10 ambitious young women who met in a workshop at the Liberia Youth Network’s centre in Kakata.   They share personal stories about their past lives, their dreams and their ongoing challenges.
Click here for the full story.

3. Turning Point (21:00)
Produced by Syrian Television, this candid documentary features four girls dealing with the challenges of physical and pyschological changes during adolescence.  The girls speak very openly about their feelings and their relation to friernds, family and society.

4. Selected Sara programs
This animated series was produced by UNICEF in eastern and southern Africa about the adventures of Sara, an adolescent girl and role model for girls’ empowerment in Africa.
a. Sara: A Special Gift (18:00)
The story concerns ‘pushout’ from school and the workload girls endure at home. Full of fun, the story deals with real problems and points to solutions in a culturally sensitive     way.
b. Sara: Daughter of a Lioness (17:00)
The third programme on Sara focuses on the harmful traditional practice of female circumcision. Sara is targeted to be circumcised but manages to mobilize the community against the practice.

5. Selected Meena programs
This animated series was produced by UNICEF in south Asia about the adventures of Meena, an adolescent girl, to raise awareness of the potential of girls when they are given equal education and opportunities.
a. Meena: Count Your Chickens  (13:00)
Meena’s father does not allow her to go to school, but Meena’s parrot Mithu memorizes the lessons and teaches her to count. One day, Meena notices that one of her chickens is missing, and her quick wit helps catch the village thief. Praised by the village headman for her counting skills, Meena is allowed to go to school.
b. Meena: Dividing the Mango  (13:00)
Meena works hard every day but it is Raju, her brother, who is always given the larger portion of food. When Meena and Raju decide to swap jobs for the day, Raju realizes that Meena works very hard and deserves the same share of the food. Raju decides he will help Meena and from now on he will share half and half.
c. Meena: It’s Got To Be a Boy (13:00)
By chance, Meena learns to fix stubborn tractor carburettors. Meanwhile, her cousin is having her first child and Meena’s uncle insists that it will be a boy. When the baby is a girl instead, the uncle is so furious he causes his tractor to stall on the railroad tracks. Meena fixes the carburettor just in time, proving girls can bring glory to the family as well.

Radio Materials

UNICEF Radio makes available many different programs for download for use on your radio station, free of charge.  We've selected these eight Digital Diaries and reports from young people to feature in our ICDB materials.  Many of them were produced in workshops UNICEF held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

1. Digital Diarist discusses the challenges of education in Liberia (6:14)
Digital Diarist Lydia, 18, from Ganta, Liberia, on the pressures of being female and getting an education.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

2. Liberian youths report on injustices of education system in Liberia (7:03)
Emmanuel, 16, from Monrovia, Liberia, wants to be an engineer but can’t afford the university fees.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

3. Young Malawian girls benefit from peer HIV prevention program (4:32)
16-year-old Doreen Chatsika speaks about what she learned about HIV prevention in the Sisters to Sisters program in Malawi.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

4. Fatuma’s Digital Diary: Life for girls in Kibera  (4:43)
Digital Diarist Fatuma Roba from Kenya reports her first digital diary, asking girls in her community what they believe are the biggest issues they face.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

5. Digital Diarist interviews peers about abuse and discrimination (7:04)
Digital Diarist Jorge Luis Contreras, 16, of Nicaragua talks to young people about abuse of children and discrimination against girls.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3 (English version)
  Download the MP3 (Spanish version)

6. Digital Diarist talks to peers about Girls education and girls empowerment (7:23)
Digital Diarist Jane Kachitenji from Lilongwe, Malawi spoke with people in her community about issues that face females in her society, like girls’ education and girls’ empowerment.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

7. Digital Diaries:  Fatuma Roba (5:30)
Fatuma Roba reports on girls' education in Kenya's largest slum.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

8. Tereza's Story: I Want to Be a Pilot (5:10)
One girl's story: Tereza, 16 years old from Southern Sudan, wants to be a pilot.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3

9. Young Journalist Reports on Child Marriage (8:24)
Alfred Malish, a 14 year old from Southern Sudan, reports on the girls getting married young.
Click here for the full story.
  Download the MP3