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Troc: television by kids challenges a country

Tape number: 374

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Type of production: Short Documentary, Educational/Classroom Resource

Subject: Adolescent Development & Participation

Audience: General Audience, Youth ages 13-18

Production year: 2001

Duration: 10 minutes

Language versions: English, French, Spanish

Countries: Albania

Producer: UNICEF


Summary: Troc is a television news magazine in Albania run by kids. "Troc" means "tell it like it is," and Troc does exactly that. Kids develop the stories themselves and do the reporting without too much adult supervision and they are able to approach subjects most adult programming is afraid to touch. In one case, an expose they did resulted in the firing of a dormitory manager in a local school. Here we follow Ebi and Akil as they report on a local business set up to provide jobs to troubled youth in Tirana.

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