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Speak Your Mind special: Manisha Koirala & Wang Lee Hom in Nepal

Tape number: 386

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Type of production: Short Documentary

Subject: Child protection, Education

Audience: Youth ages 13-18, General audience

Production year: 2001

Duration: 27 minutes

Language versions: English, International

Countries: Nepal

Producer: MTV Asia

Rights:  Non-broadcast/educational 

Summary: Popular Taiwanese singer Wang Lee-Hom joined famous Bollywood star Manisha Koirala in her home country, Nepal, to explore the issues of child labour, exploitation, trafficking and education for children in this Speak Your Mind Special. They visited a rehabilitation centre for former child carpet labourers and chat to these children to find out the realities these young children faced as carpet weavers. Then they meet Chhakali who was trafficked to India when she was 11 or 12, forced to be a sex slave for 4 years in a brothel before she was rescued by Indian police. Their final stop brings them to a charming village where they join an Out of School Programme class. They find out more about this programme which seeks to bring the school to these children who cannot attend mainstream government schools.

Price: $500 Beta, $500 VHS

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